Be Thankful, Hoboken- UPDATED


GA was delighted to receive this response to today's post:

Hi Nancy,

I figured now would be the perfect time to send you the link to Liberty Humane Society’s new Wildlife FAQ, created (in part) to help dispel the myth of the dangers of the dreaded “day-possum”. Rumors of their evil super-powers continue to persist in Hoboken.  :)


Web link: 
Printable PDF:

Irene Borngraeber
Executive Director
Liberty Humane Society

Thank you, Irene!  The Liberty Humane Society's Wildlife FAQ is an excellent reference guide for Hudson County residents to learn about interactions with our urban wildlife:

Common Backyard Wildlife:
Groundhogs (AKA: Woodchucks)

Less Common, but present in Hudson County:

Take a look at the FAQ, people.

And if you encounter a monster racoon, RUN FOR YOUR  LIFE!

Original post:

Pass the possum, hold the nuts!

GA's heard grumbling over the rumor that former Councilwoman Mason is buying The Hudson Reporter...  well, that is just ungrateful.

Need I remind you WHO warned Hoboken residents of the imminent danger of monster raccoons, giant possums and dead squirrels?

That was 2 1/2 years ago, on December 28, 2014.   

And what's happened since? 

How many Hoboken residents have been bullied by a monster raccoon?   Annoyed by a giant possum?   Tripped over a dead squirrel?

I rest my case.   Here is a clip of the Councilwoman's 2014 public service announcement:

So, Hoboken residents can just imagine what we have to look forward to, if the rumor is true....


  1. Betty don't do Bayonne.

    If Mason uses her husband's money buy the Hudson Reporter will she commute to Bayonne ? I don't think so.

    1. She'll "work" from her 1200 Washington St Shop of Horrors, her minions will work out of Bayonne.

    2. hWell, well, well looks like a happy Wanksgiving!!!!!!! We got the paper now, bitches!!!!!! Our plan is in motion!!!!

      1) Spend a fortune buying the paper!!!!
      2) Spend a fortune getting our story in the paper!!!!
      3) Spend a fortune getting anyone to read it!!!!

      One fortune down, two to go!!! Fool proof!!!!

      I'll be suspending my duties on the crime to focus on the cover-up!! Fake news!!!! Sad!!!!

  2. That video never gets old.

  3. As tantalizing as the Betty Buys a Paper idea is, I just can't see it happening.

    Look at the entourage she needed just to hold down a part-time job where the only deliverable to deliver was reading frothy elsewhere-prepared remarks off her blackberry. Extrapolate from there to operating a business whose time, like Beth's, has passed.

    The recent video of her discussing social media with other stalwarts in what looked like a seance on the set of Sunset Boulevard showed her to be comically out of touch with modern media. Writing checks alone will not close the gap between Beth and reality. And a lot more checks would be needed than were used to both buy and hold the aforementioned part-time job.

    Beth used to have a picture on her website showing her leading a rapt, diverse group around a conference table, all of them eager for her leadership and inspiration. There's a reason that picture needed to be staged. It never happened and never will happen. They people around the table aren't young and are only eager for one last beak wetting. Like the ones in the seance video who found "some reason" to remain despite their host's utter cluelessness.


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