2-1 Committee Sample Ballot *Preview*

Br-r-r-r-r-r-r... it's cold in ballot Siberia

Oh, no!

It's been 6 days since Hoboken Democratic Committee officials Peter Biancamano and Ines Garcia Keim scrubbed their competition off the June 6 Primary ballot!

In fact, it was the Hairy-One who broke the news to GA... you know, the One with the silver possum napping atop his dome. GA congratulated him, and asked, "May I pet your pelt?"

Well folks, the only good news to come out of Hudson County Superior court last Friday, was that the Plaintiffs did not get "the line".  In other words, the HCDO line will be blank, where the Dallaras were supposed to be.

So what will the June 6 Primary ballot look like?

A source tells GA:
We are line E. If the format of prior primary election sample ballots apply, then I believe Russo et al will be in their own independent column in Column G. Visually, when you look at the ballot, A-D will only have a candidate in the top line. Column E will have at least 7 candidates top to bottom including ours at the bottom. F will have only a governor, and then the last column G for independents will have 3 candidates. Patty Waiters for Freeholder and 2 committee members at the bottom. So theoretically she is at the top of their slate. 
Column G?   Wait... let me find it on a map...

Boy, it's going to be very, very cold in that ballot location... GA hopes Peter and Ines wear thermal underwear on June 6.


What if, by some miracle they are salvaged from the ballot-tundra for a more temperate ballot-location?

It is possible. But, who is going to bother voting off the line?   Maybe they'll get one or two mercy-votes...

You never know!


  1. What is the procedure of writing in the Dalaras ?

    1. There is a keyboard below the voting screen where you can type the name in for the write-ins.

      You can contact me offline: grafixavenger666@gmail.com


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