The clock ticks on DeFusco

On February 7, 2017 First Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco hosted a well-attended fundraiser.

Three days later, on February 10, 2017, "Defusco for City Council (2019)" filed an A-1 ELEC form.

The A-1 form reads:
"The total amount expended or to be expended on behalf of my candidacy by me or by any other candidate, person, or committee shall be zero, or shall not, in the aggregate, exceed $5,100 for this election."
Curious, no?

 And, if the campaign accepts any contribution at all, it has 10 days to open a (bank) account on a D-1 filing; the A-1 reads as follows:
"I am aware that I, as a candidate, am required to designate a campaign treasurer and a campaign depository and that I am required to file with the Commission a “Certificate of Organization and Designation of Campaign Treasurer and Depository,” Form D-1, no later than 10 days after receipt of any contribution on behalf of my candidacy or 10 days after making any expenditure on behalf of my candidacy, whichever comes first."

Three days after raising substantial monies, DeFusco's campaign opened it's 2019 campaign with a form that precludes it from accepting contributions above $5,100 in total.

Which suggests that the February 7 fund raising was intended for a different campaign.

And so the reporting-clock is ticking...  The next ELEC deadline is April 15, and we should expect to see the contributions reported somewhere.

After all, a candidate cannot continue to campaign (and fund raise) for an election without opening a campaign account.  The public has a right to see a campaign's receipts and expenditures.

So, it seems that April 15, 2017 date would be an "on or before" deadline to make it official.  

 In the meantime... two of three At-Large Council candidates named by Al Sullivan last week have not denied the disclosure.

The third has vociferously denied there was any truth to it, which means...  who is number 3?


  1. "Sworn Statement." Is that like a Sworn Position? Because Lane Bajardi does not apply for sworn positions.

  2. Since u became mayor Zimmer parking has been a disaster & u have created more traffic than ever when it takes us 25 minutes or more to exit this 1 little square mile town!! Since u became mayor Washington Street maybe was paved once in all these years!! Stop the #trump style politics & get sh$t done!! We've had more soccer fields built since u been Mayor as we still wait on the main strip "Washington St" . It's amazing that we have condos n homes costing in the millions n we cannot get Washington Street paved for years!! It's super embarrassing when outsider come visit our town n our streets look n feel like crap!!Try walking by Vito's Deli w heals on n see if you don't break ur neck or get hit by a car for constantly looking down at the potholes ur avoiding just walking!! Ever ride the bus down Washington St n hear the bus sound like it's going to fall apart from all the potholes it's hitting? Lmaoooo!! Taxes !! What about those big tax bills that went out to residents a few years ago because there was a tax error n residents had to pay their bill within 6 months forcing some people to sell their homes !! Hoboken is a freakin disgrace filled w a bunch of rude greedy so called educated pompous arrogant drunks!! They don't even have manners to hold the door or say thank you or a simple GM!! Where do these people come from & who raised them to be so entitled ?
    Yes!! I said what many want to say but don't dare - but I was born in Hoboken n I know too much about the history in this town to fall for the bullshit

    1. You wear heals ?

    2. I smell a rat posting with his cell phone. A rat in heals.

    3. Another one that acts as if Hoboken was some Utopia destroyed by the evil non christian female.

      Honey, hoboken streets and parking were problems before I moved into town over 25 years ago and have been ever since.

      Unless you need your car to commute to work where there are no convenient rail lines, keeping a car in Hoboken is a luxury that I long ago gave up and greatly improved my quality of living in a crowded city.

    4. Agreed on parking. I bought a condo with a parking spot to keep my car. If I hadn't, I'd have dumped the car eventually.

      Also is "heals" a joke, or do they mean heels?

  3. Has anyone signed up to run for Freeholder in the June primary ?

  4. Come on Mike, make today the day. Don't keep us waiting.

  5. It would be appropriate for MDF & Co announce on April 1st.

  6. Did MDF file ???

    1. The April 15 filings are not up yet. But interestingly, on 3/23 DeFusco filed a D-1 for his 2019 municipal campaign. So, whether or not he does run for mayor, he will use that account to report contributions. Then if he does run for mayor, all he has to do is transfer them.


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