Stack WARNS interlopers: "They'd be making a mistake"

excerpt from InsiderNJ news

"They'd be making a mistake" 

Uh-oh.   GA wouldn't mess with Stack- look at those biceps!

As reported yesterday in InsiderNJ:
"State Senator Brian P. Stack’s endorsement earlier this week of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer gave a game over feel to the incumbent’s reelection contest, or she hopes. The politically hyperkinetic Stack rarely endorses in local contests, so his two front fight on behalf of Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and now Zimmer has gotten the attention of other Hudson County power players."
It's pretty clear that Stack is telling one of those politician's white-lies, and in fact did endorse Mayor Zimmer early in the season to "scare off interlopers."  And not just ANY interlopers.

A very special interloper.

The interloper is thisclose to LD32 North Bergen Senator Sacco, and  NJ Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto.   He is an aide to both Sacco and Prieto.

To boot, the interloper does "Business Development" for an engineering company on the same floor as Prieto in a Secaucus office building.  The Interloper's employer has made a $2,000 aggregate contribution (so far) to Prieto's June 2017 primary campaign- perfectly legal!

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Prieto for Assembly ELEC, filed on January 6, 2017

So, what do Sacco and Prieto have to do with all this?

They allow the Interloper free reign to interfere in the elections in other Hudson County districts (like Hoboken (LD33), Jersey City and Bayonne (LD31)).  By looking the other way, Sacco and Prieto  endorse the conduct.

Why?  Anybody know?

Fallout from disrespecting Senator Brian Stack,  Hoboken Freeholder Stick Romano and Bayonne Mayor Jim Davis was evident on Wednesday night at Stick Romano's fundraiser.    (Remember the Interloper's play to swap Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano for Councilman Ruben Ramos on the HCDO line  to clear the path for Zimmer challenger, Mike DeFusco, and threatening the Murphy campaign to stay away from Zimmer's April 17 fundraiser)

Well... the Interloper was noticeably absent (after emceeing for Romano last November) and Bayonne Mayor Jim Davis was the only guest speaker.- a message sent.   (The Interloper has been trying to push out Bayonne Mayor Davis- like he's doing to Hoboken Mayor Zimmer),

Well, well, well.

Stay tuned for GA's next episode of As Hudson County Turns. 


  1. This is too insider baseball to me. Why would I care which of these Hudson County clowns supported who? I know, I know Stack is Sen. Stack and Hoboken is part of the area that he represents, but when it comes to the mayoral role he doesn't live here, he never seems to have too much to do with us and the only time I remember him being around was to push the Vision 2020 thing, so I don't care who he endorses and I don't care which Hudson County clown was or wasn't allowed at Romano's fundraiser. Why would I?

    1. I'm so sorry! I will refund your subscription fee to this blog!

      Let me know how I can please you, because I care ... about you.

    2. A serious answer: Stack is standing between Hoboken and a North Bergen invasion. I have written it here many times, many ways. It is still a threat to Hoboken. Now truly, you are one person not the supreme arbiter of blog-topics. I counted (7) "I"s in your one paragraph... so maybe you need to check that out.

    3. Another reason you should care: Stack's support also means boots on the ground, which can be a big help in a local campaign.

    4. Sorry "I" asked the question. Have a nice day everyone. No need for the door to hit "me" on the way out. Message received loud and clear.

    5. Oh c'mon, anon@3:58, don't be such a snowflake. You made a statement, GA and a commenter replied. So what. Don't be so sensitive.

    6. The inside baseball is, Zimmer can win without County backing. DeFusco has no chance without it. This is a message to DeFusco and his patron Nick Sacco that the County will not be lining up behind DeFusco.

    7. If anything having a Sacco and his boys sneak into Hoboken to to try strong arm people out of Defusco's way makes him look crooked.

      Surrounding himself with regressive, negative and nasty people while making unworkable pie in the sky BIG IDEA rhetoric makes Mikey look like a jack ass.

      All that shit hitting the fan has set back any potential DeFusco candidacy successful highly unlikely if not laughable.

  2. Anyone who says that Stack has not played a part in every Hoboken election is either delusional or a lying.


  4. When Stack supported Campos against Zimmer she condemned outside influence. Now she accepts it. Complete idiot. Besides Stack doesn't sway one vote for Zimmer.

    1. If you want to pose as a moral crusader, why not pick a topic more worthy of the pose than Hudson County politics.

      Did you want Zimmer to turn down Stack's endorsement? As long as there is no quid pro quo, as you say, it won't move a single vote. This is between Stack and Sacco. Stack is Hoboken's state senator, no more no less. Doesn't influence policy or select board members.

      Sacco is not Hoboken's state senator. It's fair to assume that he's not here on a good government mission. Any more than you are.

    2. Stack is not supporting Zimmer he's opposing Sacco. Stack would oppose anyone that Sacco put forward as a proxy to try and control Hoboken.

    3. Stack is doing both, supporting Zimmer and opposing Sacco.

      Things are going well for Stack now and when Murphy is elected Governor they will get better. Murphy and Zimmer are tight. Friend of my friend.

      Stack is savvy enough to know that Mayor Zimmer has a solid record of accomplishments and will win against anyone who runs against.
      He also is savvy enough to shut down Sacco and his lame ass gopher for taking a piss in his yard and put Romano in his place in one easy move.

      At least for now what is good for Hoboken and Zimmer is good for Stack.

  5. Kinda like Jersey City residents aren't Hoboken residents


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