"Pretty nasty for a clergyman"

Should people living in tax-exempt glass houses throw stones at taxpayers?  

They can.

Some do.

But, be advised the taxpaying "carpetbaggers" you whack with stones may throw them back.

GA is referring to unfortunate language in a Jersey Journal Op-Ed sent to me by a reader.  He wrote: "Pretty nasty for a clergyman."

The Op-Ed, called "2 mayors with bikes on their brains need to smell the traffic"  is written by a long time commentator on City Hall politics  and Hoboken clergyman.

Of course, religious leaders use their bully pulpit to advocate for/against issues of public interest and public concern, especially related to ethics and morality (such as civil rights).  Martin Luther King is a famous example.   We presume that priests, rabbis, imans have divinely-inspired wisdom the rest of us don't.   We look up to them.  We listen to them. We learn from them.

Should we be insulted by them?

Here is what the clergyman wrote:
"How did we get two carpetbagger - oops, out-of-towner - mayors with granola head mentalities who cater to the minority residents jeopardizing the economic health of their communities and spreading to all of Hudson County?"  
 "carpetbagger" = "out-of-towner"  


Who are the "minority residents?"

Wrapped inside of the clergyman's insults somewhere is a viable opinion on a matter of public interest and public concern.  One can agree or disagree on its merits.

Couldn't he post the opinion without insulting the flock?  Without calling persons who were not born and raised in their respective cities, "carpetbaggers?"   By his definition, the majority of  Hoboken residents are "carpetbaggers"-  including some members of his congregation.    

Why would a clergyman disparage residents who moved to Hoboken and Jersey City as adults?

Would he call Saint Patrick of Ireland, born in Britain, a "carpetbagger, too?

What divisive foolishness from a person whose words are invested with the authority of his tax-exempt pulpit (subsidized, in part, by "carpetbaggers").

By the way, "carpetbagger" is a not a term of endearment:
In general, the term “carpetbagger” refers to a traveler who arrives in a new region with only a satchel (or carpetbag) of possessions, and who attempts to profit from or gain control over his new surroundings, often against the will or consent of the original inhabitants. After 1865, a number of northerners moved to the South to purchase land, lease plantations or partner with down-and-out planters in the hopes of making money from cotton. At first they were welcomed, as southerners saw the need for northern capital and investment to get the devastated region back on its feet. They later became an object of much scorn, as many southerners saw them as low-class and opportunistic newcomers seeking to get rich on their misfortune.

Actually, this Hoboken carpetbagger would love tax-relief from Hudson County.

How about it, Stick?
Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
Matthew 5:43–45, King James 


  1. A comment from nj.com:

    How about you stick to what you are trained to do and mind your cult, reverend. And let the traffic engineers do there jobs. No bike lanes are going to impede emergency vehicles.

    I'm sorry you have to wait an extra 2 minutes in your congregation paid gas guzzling church van you likely never paid a dime for, but some of us want to do the responsible and healthy thing and safely commute on our bikes.

    How about you also pay some taxes like the rest of us before you complain about publicly funded infrastructure.



  2. Father Santora has actually published his venom attacking Mayor Zimmer over such faith based issues as traffic in his Church newsletter. He's the reason I left OLG to worship with Father Bob (a man who gives the priesthood a good name) at St Peter and Paul.

    Father Santora is, of course, a carpetbagger himself having lived (supposedly) in Hoboken (in his Church's rectory) for a far shorter period of time than Mayor Zimmer. Many believe he actually lives in Jersey City (though he votes in Hoboken) which is probably why he thinks he has standing to criticize Mayor Fulop despite not being (legally) a Jersey City resident.

  3. Sorry but when a so called clergyman takes to chucking political mud he should not be treated with any deference that his collar affords him.

    I understand the Catholic Church has a difficult time finding good help now but in his ongoing very personal attacks are disgraceful.

  4. Carpetbagging mayors Zimmer and Fulop have something else in common. Anyone wanna go there?

    1. בעילום שםMarch 23, 2017 at 5:22 PM

      שניהם יהודים.

    2. Santora, Romano, Cammeranno, Russo, DeFusco all have something else in common. Anyone want to go there?

    3. Me-first scumbags. But you're going for a tedious ethnic angle, right? Names ending in vowels, that old Bajardi chestnut? Like that's what's wrong with all of them.

    4. 9:20- 40% felon, 60% carpetbagger, 40% squatters in subsidized housing, 20% suckle the taxpayers teat.... howd I do?

  5. The irony, of course, is that he's quite literally "preaching to the converted" with these regular letters to the JJ. Everyone knows he's an OG shill, doubt anyone outside his shrinking circle pay attention or care.

  6. Cammarano was a carpetbagger. There may be more carpetbaggers than B&Rs in Hudson County! Roque is a carpetbagger. Turner, I think. DeFusco! I think 7/9 Hoboken council. His church OLG! His old church in JC was St Aloysius.... UNLESS the good priest is redefining carpetbagger to mean something else.

  7. I am not a fan of the bike lanes - not at all. But I also think this Priest is a jackass. He's been one for years. Doesn't mean he is wrong about the bike lanes - but it does mean I honestly don't give a crap what he says on anything.

  8. A priest enjoys the freedom and protections of the press as much as anyone else. In fact, this priest is more of a journalist as he is a columnist with a reputible and vetted newspaper. From the comments here, its not too surprising to learn that carpetbaggers are also snowflakes.

    1. I didn't see anyone say he did not have a right to say what he has said.
      Rather people object to what he is saying, how he is saying it and his motivations behind his statements.

      This man has opened himself up to being taken to task for his published opinions and by purposely using his clerical position it opens that institution to criticism as well.

    2. 9:36 or people like you are simply using the priest's use of the term carpetbagger to justify a personal assult and treat him "like anyone else"--- once anyone voices an opinion they clearly "open yourself up" to the same cyber bullying that goes on here with anyone else considered an "other"- the snowflakes are all salivating and leaping over each other to take their pound of flesh from the priest and send the message that "no one is sacred"--- precious little snowflakes one and all.

    3. 9:36 And of course the use of the word "carpetbagger" by the priest opens the door to criticism of the entire "institution" (a.k.a.-the Catholic Church).

    4. 9:50 One must also consider that this man's long history of repeated , personal and often nasty criticism of Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

      Yes, when that man is using his clerical position to make those attacks does open the institution he works for criticism.

      It is fair to say that Mr. Santora's own cyber bullying opened the door to him being taken to task for his comments.

    5. Apologies to everyone else who competed so hard in the "Assholic Comment of the Month" contest for March.

      But 9:10 has kicked serious ass with this astoundingly stupid, disingenuous remark:

      "In fact, this priest is more of a journalist as he is a columnist with a reputible and vetted newspaper."

      No more entries please, we have a winner. Dumbass.

    6. Honorable mentions to the guy or guys from North Bergen who thought they were helping Mike Defusco by making misogynistic remarks, eg, too many "female inclined opinions" on GA. What the ever-living fuck is that supposed to mean??? Don't give up guys. Anyone can see you've got staying power and assholic opinions by the truckload.

    7. "Go back to your church, Father"

      "Boys, this is my Church. If you dkn't think Christ is down here on the waterfront, you've got another thing coming"

      -In the Waterfront (1954)

    8. 12:46- You mean "On the waterfront." I recall Karl Malden played an honorable priest who rallied dockworkers to stand up to murderous gangsters. What exactly does Malden's character have to do with Father Santora, who uses his bully pulpit to disparage non-gangsters?

      There's one thing we've got in this country and that's ways of fightin' back. Gettin' the facts to the public. Testifyin' for what you know is right against what you know is wrong. Now what's ratting to them is telling the truth for you. Now can't you see that? Can't you see that?"

      - Father Barry in "On the Waterfront"

    9. 10:46, 10:58- he has a column with a reputable, vetted newspaper and doesn't hide behind anonymous blog names. In other words, he's better than you.

    10. 9:09, the saddest of sacks - the anonymous commenter who hates anonymous commenters.

      Let's talk about this self-loathing of yours. While I'm sure it's well-deserved, ya just can't live that way, son. Stop telling yourself "he's better than you" just because you can't even man up enough to get a screen name. Maybe he is. But some day....

      Some fine day. You'll move out of mom's basement. You'll get that job wrangling carts at the Shoprite. Maybe you'll even get yourself a subscription to a, um, vetted newspaper, whatever the fuck that is. Someone will ask, "Hey, what's ole anon 9:09 doing?" And everyone will say, "Shhhhh.... He's readin' one of them vetted newspapers." And they'll see your lips moving and say, "By golly, he is! Remember how he used to hate himself for being an anonymous commenter?"

      Happy endings, 9:09. In fact I'll bet you're having one right now.

    11. 10:54 keep slinging crap against the wall, something is bound to stick. You are just crude and mean, neither funny nor very insightful. Sweet dreams

    12. 10:54, when YOU hate anonymous commenters and YOU are an anonymous commenter, I'M not the one who needs insight.

      Now go line your bird cage with a nice vetted newspaper. Make sure it's reputible. Finches can be picky about where the crap.

  9. 9:50, 9:54- your head is as dense as a rock. Anyone who smears non-BnR residents as "carpetbaggers" in the press subjects him/herself to public comment. What you call "cyber bullying" is fair comment. Citizens have the constitutional right to criticize their government. If you have to resort to responding to fair comment by crying "cyber bully" we need to call you a WAHHHHHmbulance.

    Yes, religious institutions are a free market- if your pastor or rabbi is a big, obnoxious loudmouth, you can always join another congregation.

    1. Already did it. The man is a jackass.


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