Muniz & Sacco spotted in Hoboken's First Ward!

Folks, wait until you hear this!

Last night our friends from North Bergen, 32nd Legislative District Senator Nick Sacco and his aide Joey Muniz made a stealth appearance in Hoboken's First Ward!

In fact they crept in so quietly- without making a sound, Hoboken bystanders mistook them for Ninjas!

Here is the story, as told to GA by an eye (and ear) witness.

At about 8:30 PM last night, the North Bergen Ninjas were crossing First Street, at the north corner of  Willow, heading South. It is unclear what they were doing in Hoboken's First Ward under the cover of darkness; perhaps they came to measure for curtains in the Mayor's office.

It gets better!

A voice calls out, "Hello, Senator!" and the voice's owner, a woman, rushes up to shake his hand.  It was Mayor Zimmer.

Yes!  It so happens that the Mayor was walking down First Street with friends and relatives when her party literally, ran into the North Bergen Ninjas.

GA hears the mayor was amused; the North Bergen Ninjas, not so much.

Then, Ninja Muniz spied the Dark Side pinata (married to the mayor) and shook his hand.

It was an encounter of the brief (and awkward) kind.

GA hears Ninja Sacco didn't say much.  But his Ninja companion had one more thing to say...

As Zimmer walked away, Muniz shouted, "I never even met Mike DeFusco!"

Zimmer half-turned, smiling, and replied, "That's a good one, Joey!"

Folks, this really happened.


  1. Deep State Caught!March 24, 2017 at 5:21 PM

    Now it can be told!

    The Deep State was caught red-handed today!

    The proof: the GOP healthcare bill didn't even come to a vote.

    How was it done? It's all coming out soon! Very soon, my friends. The alt-left media is engaged in a fullblown cover-up, but here is how they did it.

    No one knew health-care was complicated! That little fact was concealed by agents of the Deep State until it was too late! President Trump figured it out but by then the dye was caste! Healthcare was doomed! Now millions of people will have healthcare for NO GOOD REASON.

    But don't worry, the facts are coming out. They won't get away with this. Besides there are plenty of other ways to engage in class warfare. THIS IS NOT OVER!

    1. Proof Dems to Blame!March 25, 2017 at 9:48 AM

      After his inauguration Our Greatest President Ever met with the GOP at the Congress of Tomorrow retreat in Philadelphia. Then he went to CPAC in Maryland to rail against fake news and media elites who are the enemy of the people.

      Yet where were members of the democrat party when these olive branches were being extended? Nowhere! No filthy lying democrat scum came to either event despite Our Greatest President Ever's earnest desire to meet with them and help them stop being filthy lying scum.

      Now the healthcare bill is in ruins. We all know who to blame - those filthy lying scum democrats who wouldn't work with Our Greatest President Ever no matter how available he made himself to anyone who renounced the filthy lying scum democrat party and became a conservative.

      I hope you're all proud of yourselves. This is YOUR failure. We did all we could to meet you halfway, just like in November of 2009 when as many as one house republican voted for Obamacare. But noooooooooo. You just couldn't put down the champagne and caviar you bought with your welfare check with your America-hating hollywood friends long enough to help.

      Well hopefully you've learned your lesson now and will join us as we get rid of job-killers like the National Endowment or the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Look, it's not all going to be easy. Everyone is going to have to tighten their belts a little. Taxpayers have told us in no uncertain terms want their hard-earned dollars going to important projects like investigating Obama's wiretapping of Our Greatest President Ever. Or finding the 3 million illegal aliens who voted in California (we have a tweet that PROVES it happened!). Or flying Our Greatest President Ever to his resort for $3million every other weekend. Or maintaining a separate residence and security for his wife for about $50million a year. In other words essential services.

      Join us you filthy lying scum democrat party scum. Do the right thing for once, you disgusting pigs. Remember: Jesus loves you! The commie bastard.

  2. There was an InsiderNJ event last night at Antique Bakery, which is in the first ward. Vijay the mayor's chief of staff was present to represent her office. The senator was simply walking to that event. Sorry, but this goes in the column of fake news. So you're saying the mayor feeds GA gossip? Wow.


      Zimmer should know her chief of staff was with Senator Sacco and Joey Muniz at the same event, instead of spreading false rumors to GA

    2. I don't see Joey Torres listed in that article though. Sacco is is Ravi, but no Torres. More fake news?

    3. Walking south on Willow from 1st? That's walking AWAY from Antique.... so where was their NEXT STOP in Hoboken?

  3. Why would the Mayor have such a response? How would she even know what such a comment was all about? If she wasn't in the loop, such a shout-out would seem off-the-wall.

    Guess she's a GA reader and is up to date with all the scuttlebutt posted in the articles on this site. Wonder if she enjoys the articles and she's be one of the nasty anonymous commenters.

  4. Dear spin-doctors. You want to strike just the right balance of defending your guy and seeming to just be casual observers of the goings-on so it isn't painfully obvious to all that you're operatives.

    Writing the 1st three circle-the-wagons comments in quick succession isn't what you're aiming for.

    Zimmer said, "That's a good one, Joey." How far are you thinking of running with that? You DO know, don't you, that it's ok to sit one out? Yeah, you can actually just let it die. Or you can call attention to 5 little words spoken in passing and make it into an issue.

    Maybe you should try playing the home version of our game for a while and then come back to the studio and give it a try.

  5. Hahahaha! North Bergen anons are here with a vengeance to try and spin this, what a joke. The mayor saw these two clown on the street and essentially trolled them, good for her!

    Who cares why the two North Bergen hacks were in Hoboken, the point is this post is that the mayor yanked their chain and had a good laugh about it. These dudes are so uptight, hilarious.

    BTW, how come "anonymous" is back as a posting name? I thought it went away.

    1. I turn it off when a swarm of trolls fly in or on an as-needed basis. I like giving the most people an opportunity to comment (Anonymous) but you know, trolls take advantage. If folks would register a name, it won't affect them. Thanks.

  6. My goodness, a swirl of conspiracy- theorists. Are you trying to out my source? As I said, the Mayor was with a group of friends- a birthday celebration. Hoboken is a small City, you know. People see and hear things. As for the North Bergen Ninjas, where was the after party?

    1. Hey GA, no blog post on Ravi's fundraiser today -- you know, the one hosted by Joe Hayden (aka Peter Cammarano's defense attorney)? That's a fact, but youre not worried about those, right?

    2. It's a known fact that only lawyers on the take defend clients on the take. It's also true that all ax murderers are defended by lawyers who are ax murderers.

      7:30, you done peddling this crap yet? Between here and MSV you must've said it 8 times.

    3. Get your own blog Sores and Post it yourself.

    4. Yeah GA what gives? How's come nothing about Bhalla's fundraiser? I guess Stan didn't give you permission!

  7. Interesting press story yesterday saying that Mayor Zimmer endorsed Freeholder Romano for reelection and both are helping Ambassador Phil Murphy gather more signatures for his petition to be the ballot for Governor.


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