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2016 Saint Paddy's Day decorations in Beth Mason's Civic League storefront

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Today Saint Patrick has brought a reminder to Hoboken, all the way from the 4th century.

Specifically about our factionalism; how we residents often judge each other based on whether or not we were born here. It is generally assumed such factions (Born-and-raised (BnR), yuppies) stick together in Hoboken politics as a voting bloc.

Well folks, check this out.  St. Patrick may represent the heart and soul of Ireland, but guess what?  He wasn't a BnR!

That's right, Ireland's Saint Patrick was born in Britain!  At age 16, he was kidnapped by pirates who brought him to Ireland, then was sold into slavery.  Not a great start!  But Saint Patrick made lemonade out of lemons...  so here we are today, celebrating his life, ironically, in pagan fashion sipping a Tom Collins (lemonade and gin on the rocks) on a bar stool.

Makes you think how little it matters where someone (you) were born. It's what you do where you live.   Treat people how you would like to be treated- with respect.

On that note...  back to local politics, and the theme of respect....

It is true that folks who work hard like to be recognized.  So, GA was taken aback by remarks made in the "New Business" portion of Wednesday night's Council meeting. Specifically, Councilman DeFusco's assessment of the snow-removal work performed city workers after Tuesday's storm.

DeFusco said:
"I want to thank the hardworking men and women that took care of the snowstorm on Tuesday... everyone performed (pause) moderately well... I say "moderately" because there's always room for improvement... and to think that we've nailed it really doesn't give it any room for growth."


Hoboken's municipal employees bust their frigging humps to clear our streets, did a great job, only to get a half-biscuit from a freshman Councilman???? 

What's this "room for growth?"   How does one "grow" at snow-shoveling?  The snow is there, and then it's not.

Um... anyone else find this attitude a wee bit pompous?   It is not the City's job to dig out our cars or shovel sidewalks- it is the landlord or homeowner or business' responsibility.  And if a Councilman has to move his frigging bicycle around a lump of snow on the bike path- get over it.  There are priorities- like roads

I don't recognize this guy.  DeFusco talking down to city workers  (they "performed moderately well... but there's room for growth") sounds like a corporate exec's shitty evaluation of an inferior.

The "performance" is snow plowing and shoveling, for G-d's sake.

As if to undo the sting of DeFusco's words, Councilmen Bhalla and Russo followed with praise for the workers' snow removal effort.  Bravo. 

I guess all of us, no matter what our position in life, have "room for growth."


  1. I agree with the Councilman that there is always room for improvement and based on his recent poorly researched, needlessly abrasive performances on the City Council he has left himself plenty of room for improvement.

  2. Trumpesque Narcissism.

    How do the shovelers get to the "Well" level? Please tell us! He can't give a simple compliment. Clearly DF doesn't want to give them an " A" ...just a "B-" he will show them how to get the "A" . His arrogance is "palpable " . He reeks it from every pore . How stupid is it to say something like that about city workers when they are not big Zimmer fans to begin with!

  3. people at city hall don't like him. Hes a pain in the ass, doesnt treat people right and SCREAMS.

    1. So what your saying he is the same condescending, entitled prig in private as he is on the TV cameras at the Council.

  4. Its funny how the city keeps hiring the Creamer company to handle snow removal and Suez hires them for water main break.

    What's wrong with that picture? The city employees do work hard and don't need any help.

    1. I was generally satisfied with the work that the Contractor did clearing the corners in the residential areas of town. They seemed to work quickly and efficiently and got a lot covered in a relatively short time. They also have far more equipment readily available for dispatch than the City. Hoboken cannot maintain a full inventory of heavy equipment for a 4-5x a year event.
      Selecting a Contractor for short-notice work like snow removal or a water main break often ends up with a Contractor who has equipment mobilized nearby and has performed successfully on prior contracts.
      I know what the intent of your comment was, but I am providing this response for those whom it may not be so transparent.

  5. There's snow still on corners .. sidewalks .. yes people don't clean their sidewalks (which could be for different reasons ) .. so if people don't do their job.. the city should give them a ticket and do the job .. there were chunks of ice going through meters .. you had to climb up there to pay the right to park for 2 hours .. yet GA you encourage day drinking at Hot House and anything that encourages a filthy behavior .. shady woman .
    And GA you are mediocre .. with a mediocre mentality.. so you've proven you have no room for improvement

    1. And that was a mediocre personal attack. You can do better!

  6. 1. The Civic League's message is "Kiss My Sack"

    2. What script was DeFusco reading from? OMG, Please Mike, get another writer. Cringe!

    Freshman indeed.

  7. Wasn't the rumor that Defusco was announcing today? Too man self-inflicted wounds?

  8. I was more upset that Walgreens downtown didn't shovel the sidewalks in front of their store :/

  9. She is mediocre (GA)
    GA.. copy paste pictures and awful job
    Biased .. female inclined opinions ..mmm
    Get a job and a real life ..
    Get a LIFE!!!!!!!

    1. you need to get out more. isn't there anything to do in north bergen?

    2. Misogynists for DefuscoMarch 17, 2017 at 11:02 PM

      Well said, 10:48!!!!!

      It's all girl opinions here. You need something like 8 girl opinions to equal 1 man opinion. I don't care if a lot of it is numbers. It's still girl numbers.

      Misogynists for Defusco are delighted to welcome you to our team.

      PC days are over!! Go Trump, Go Defusco. Out with girl opinions.

      At last we have a candidate who is not afraid to say that men rule: MIKE DEFUSCO!!!!

  10. Misogynists for DefuscoMarch 17, 2017 at 11:09 PM

    10:58 and 11:01, Misogynists for Defusco are delighted with your entries too!!!!

    Your posts are VERY MANLY!!! That's what we need around here. All of us at Misogynists for Defusco are thrilled not only to see this kind of support for OUR candidate, but also to see what a large percentage of Mike's support comes from men who despise women and aren't afraid to show it!!!!

    With your support we know that Mike Defusco will will and will usher in a new era of misogyny in Hoboken.

    PC days are over!!!! Go Trump, Go Defusco!!!!!

  11. Oh Nancy.. go cry to Rosie O'Donell lol .. same team.. same BMI bracket.. this blog is trash lol lol lol lol

  12. Always thought that Blarney bag was a scream. Goes to show that once the employees figure out the boss always mails it in, the employees eventually do likewise.

  13. Gotta St. Patrick's Day card from "Mason Civic". In addition to being Jewish/Catholic/Italian, is this delusional nobody now claiming Irish heritage too?

  14. I read in the Hudson Reporter that Dana Wefer is moving to Bergen County, not giving a link the that rag,. Is this the first she announced it?

    1. Nope, I think the Observer had it a few weeks ago.

    2. Only recent Observer article I can find for Dana and I don't see it mentioned.


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