Earwitness News: Sacco Edition

GA's Earwitnesses runneth over- where to begin?

It starts with the Freeholder Anthony 'Stick' Romano hostage crisis- news first broken by MSV. In short, Romano, a born and raised Hobokenite, was ordered to "drop out" of the mayoral race or else lose his ballot position on the HCDO line- to Ruben Ramos!

Then, InsiderNJ's Max Pizarro followed with this: the hammer hitting Romano to drop out of Hoboken's mayoral race came straight from Nick Sacco's toolbox!

That's right, this big tool was swinging straight at Anthony 'Stick' Romano's kneecaps to "clear the way" for Councilman Mike DeFusco to beat Mayor Zimmer!  (So far, Romano has not succumbed to Sacco's bullying tool)


Reportedly, Nick Sacco's tool took a big swing at Phil Murphy!

Yes, this tool ordered Murphy's campaign to cancel the candidate's special guest appearance at Dawn Zimmer's April 17, fundraiser!  According to Pizzaro, the Murphy campaign was told: " the gubernatorial candidate should not align himself with Zimmer as long as Muniz wants DeFusco."

GA hadn't heard of (Joey) Muniz before the Pizarro article. The Grafix Avenger blog is Hoboken-centric.  I love my city. So it matters to Hoboken residents like me who the f*ck has the audacity to stick his nose into Hoboken's mayoral election, and why.

Since GA published yesterdays post, Earwitness news has been pouring in. These (Q)Tips are notable:

"Stack doesn't appreciate Muniz moving into Hoboken."


"Murphy doesn't want to be in the same room as Muniz"

It appears that the attempt to manipulate Hoboken's election (or "move into Hoboken") has ruffled some pretty big feathers.

 Finally, GA heard that Muniz is very close to NJ Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto.   

Maybe Prieto can tell Hoboken residents why his pal is pushing Phil Murphy around, threatening Hoboken's Freeholder, and deciding who our next mayor should be. 


  1. I'm reminded of Pablo Fonseca, remember him? The big cheese NJ political hotshot, Corey Booker's former mayoral chief of staff, mover and shaker, etc. He was campaign manager and consultant to more than one recent local campaign and was supposedly to show Hoboken how if was done, and...well, he ended up limping home with his tail between his legs because his candidates got their asses kicked in the elections.

    Hoboken ain't no pushover for the machine political hacks anymore.

  2. Pablo can learn. Not like this moron who thinks he can throw his weight around and stomp on Stack's toes.

  3. Judging by the Fonseca's filthy losing campaigns ran for Garcia and Biancamano he comfortable rolling around the mud. He may be the perfect fit for DeFusco.

    1. Garcia's filthy campaign was run by Beth Mason's filthy fish chum, not Fonseca.

  4. My two cents, Everyone thinks Romano doesn't have any real chance against Zimmer and they are afraid to lose the Freeholder seat. The back room guys see DeFusco as a throw away candidate that if he runs and he loses they don't care. Much like how they set up Beth Mason.

    1. DeFusco is mighty full of himself and as such is the perfect misguided ego to fall for a setup, such as a mayoral run. He's way too green to be doing a successful mayor run, but cleans up better than, say, Branco who came off as way too crude a street character to do anything but donate use of his kiddie nightclubs and do deliveries in his pickup truck (which is obviously his way of compensating for something). However, in the latest wave of the Old Guard's attempts to start wooing the Hoboken monied "interlopers" into the Old Guard cesspool, what better than a large vocabularied and openly gay metrosexual to show how "big tent" they are. Enter DeFusco who obviously believes his own bulldinky. It's more than obvious that DeFusco is being used while he thinks he's making political headway. He'll be creamed in the election. What he doesn't know is he will be politically radioactive after running against Zimmer, and yes, as you suggest at the end of the day little more than a fall guy like Mason. Romano just wants his name out there with the term "Hoboken Mayor" in the same sentence. He can't win now, but as Zimmer's crown continues to slip with the war on automobiles and the bike lane fetish among other things, he may have a shot at mayor in the following election cycle should Zimmer continue to alienate people and cut anyone loose without explanation or apology who even slightly disagrees with or challenges her on anything. This Sacco flunky is just dancing with himself and making unpleasant noises, he's impotent in Hoboken.

    2. I can personally attest to Maurice Fitzgibbons (Mr. Glass Closet himself) trying to find an openly gay person to get involved in city politics.

      Fitzy set up a meeting with myself and a few other gay residents back in the day when he was part of Cammarano's election machine. Maurice flatly said it was time the city had a gay councilperson.

      Dodged that bullet.

    3. so in a way defusco is the new timmy, although i got the sense that even timmy caught on to how he was being used in the mayoral run and just decided to go along for the ride. mike probably really thinks he deserves to be mayor after, what, a year on the council?

      hey, we have a president with no experience and that's certainly going peachy, right?

    4. Just a thought - many people didn't think Trump would win the Presidency and well, were proven wrong. I think it's important to take MDF seriously in the upcoming election for Mayor and actively support whichever candidate you believe in. Personally I believe in Mayor Zimmer despite some disagreements with the application of some bike lanes/congestion effects.

    5. funny you say that, @2:48, because the OG's perennial "this is OUR town!" isn't a far cry from "make hoboken great again".

      we know how the trump thing worked out, let's not make the same mistake again.

    6. @3:04, I think the OG has been counting on their old tactics and legacy voters/mail-in ballots. With as much turn over as Hoboken gets, it's ever more critical current and new residents stay informed and become active. We can't afford to get lazy and simply believe things will turn out ok / others will vote the 'right' people into the jobs.

    7. I hope Councilman DeFusco can be taken at his word and does not decide to attempt a mayoral run.
      I think many people after supporting him because of his affiliation with Mayor Zimmer are just very disappointed in DeFusco's disingenuous. passive aggressive, two faced approach.

      His antics recently at the City Council have been cringe worthy.

      It is hard to put any trust in a person who posts pictures of himself smiling with Mayor Zimmer at his recent fundraiser on his Facebook page and and then taking a cheap shot at her in the next.

      It is wise to never underestimate any opponent but it unfortunate that DeFusco apparently has fallen so low, so soon even before he officially say he has decided to run.

  5. Is a 2-year stint on the city council really a disqualifier?

    Has Zimmer already alienated too many of her supporters who dared to disagree or question the slightest thing?

    Will there be peel-off candidates in the race that might pull 100 or so votes that would have otherwise gone to Zimmer and that could impact the outcome?

    Has the town seen too much turnover for her incumbency to be less relevant than it otherwise would be?

    Just some thoughts.

    1. Here's a better question: why don't YOU just say what YOU think instead of playing lame word games?

    2. Should anyone newbee with next to no political experience but loads of political ambition do a vanity Paetzold run for mayor as a kill time and coincidentally take votes from Zimmer?

      Can DeFusco really get within a few hundred votes of Zimmer and hope to win in a no-runoff scenario due to the introduction of a few Ed Shirak or Paetzold or Mason or Ramos candidates muddying the waters?

      Is the election up for grabs to anyone who romances the idea of running for mayor and then goes about writing a half-dozen letters to the editor in the Hoboken Reporter and finagle their way into public election debates? Will their mother make a guest appearance on their News Channel 12 election season interview?

      Are pro-DeFusco bloggers trying to make it sound like he has a half-chance for mayor?

      Can pigs fly?

      Can we all speak in these comments like we are cryptically responding to Alex Trebeck?

    3. If pigs could fly, we would all need bigger umbrellas. Just say'n.

    4. Let me ask clarifying questions

      Did Mike Defusco self destruct Mark Rubio style at the last meeting?

      Has Defusco been caught surrounding himself with people who give very bad advice?

      Was it smart for Defusco's people the try and strong arm Phil Murphy and Stick Romano?

      If you answer to one or more of these is Mike Defusco's Mayoral run over before it starts?

  6. OK, I get it. This blog is (or has been taken over by) the Zimmer for Mayor campaign. Discourse not welcome. Sorry I stopped by.

    1. WTF.... I am sorry you stopped by too.

    2. hey @12:56, that's a load of horseshit and you know it. if you want "discourse", then tell us how you feel instead of asking a bunch of shifty/cagey questions. tell us how YOU feel, what YOU believe, and then don't be so sensitive when someone pushes back. LOL, geez.


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