Who do you love?

DOUBLE HEADER: Councilmen Bhalla and DeFusco holding fundraisers at 6PM tonight!

Both?  Neither?

Support your Councilmen!   Really. 

Yes, it costs money.  But, if you're looking for a bargain, it's cheaper to be Ravi's friend ($175) than it is to be Mike's person ($300).  Or do like [redacted] always does: show up late and slip in for free.

It's a coincidence that two Hoboken councilman are fundraising on the same night.

Sources tell GA that Bhalla had planned his event first.  It isn't clear if Mike's people knew- they probably should have.  That's why people have people.  People... who need people...

Well, GA appreciates Mike DeFusco for melting Terry Castellano with a big bucket of water.  It wasn't easy to lift that bucket!  Of course,  influential Reform folks like Mayor Zimmer helped with the lifting.

Speaking of Mayor Zimmer, she is Ravi's "Special Guest".  Will she sing or dance?

GA hears Mike is going to have a surprise guest, but if I tell you then its not a surprise!

1... 2... 3....

"Nancy...what the f*ck are you doing on your site!!!!"


  1. Terry was not beaten, her heir apparent was elected instead... if you believe Sully's last column in which he claims that Mike was chosen by the Old Guard.

    So while Sully is known for stretching the truth, what purpose does is serve to tag Mike as an Old Guard puppet?

    So is Mike Cammarano 2.0 or not is the question.

  2. Great to see old friends return to Hoboken to lend their support for Councilman Bhalla tonight.


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