Wefer's call to regular people (us) -UPDATE

Tomorrow...  Wefer interviews with the Star Ledger and NBC's Washington Bureau...

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Wefer addresses the crowd last night at NJ Awakens' kickoff

GA was delighted to stop by the kickoff of NJ Awakens, a grassroots movement in the spirit of Indivisible and principles espoused by Bernie Sanders.

Whether this movement can grow in the toxic soil of New Jersey politics has nothing to do with its merits.  Some may see them as Dead Men Walking.  Maybe in any other time it would be easy to dismiss them.

These aren't ordinary times.

What GA saw last night were "regular" people who have stepped up to run for elected office.  Pure and simple, they are the heart and soul of NJ Awakens.

The NJ Awakens candidates who addressed the crowd were: Dim Chijike Ndukwu (Independent candidate for Assembly in LD34),  Sumantha Prasad (Independent candidate for Assembly in LD22),  Davendra Dev Goswami (Independant candidate for Assembly in LD38), Meghan Dunworth Dodd (Candidate for Freeholder, Hudson County, District 5) and Dana Wefer ( Dana Wefer: Republican candidate for Governor).

For now, NJ Awakens' focus is on recruiting folks to run in local and state elections.  The group  hopes to shake up a political system it views as thoroughly corrupt; a system whose Democratic and Republican parties anoint their leaders and candidates long before the primaries.   NJ Awakens believes if  enough like-minded frustrated voters of both parties  plus Independents unite as a voting bloc, they can influence major party platforms.

This is about access to the democratic election process.

Citizens are not supposed to be shut out from participation in government because they don't have buckets of money, connections or debts to special interests.

GA hopes that NJ Awakens continues to prosper.  Dana, you rock.

 NJ Awaken's Dim Chijike Ndukwu, Independent candidate for Assembly in LD34


  1. Got to admit, this is pretty damn cool. Thanks, Dana.

  2. It's a noble endeavor wherever it leads. Thank you, Dana.

  3. Wow, great publicity for the initiative, go Dana go! I can see "Morning Joe" loving a story like this, she should contact them and pitch an interview.

  4. Sorry even in NJ the Republican Party is tainted by the batshit tail wagging the dog.

    Wanna break the machine(S)?
    Run as a D with a R in the Lt Gov slot.


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