Wefer & Brennan launch take-down of NJ's "Dem Party Bosses"

What happens when a lifelong Democratic activist (Dana Wefer) decides to run a statewide slate of candidates as Republicans- only on a progressive platform?

And... Wefer is running for Governor, as a Republican.

Further, she's teamed up with longtime NJ anti-corruption activist, Christie "Bridgegate" antagonist and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Bill Brennan .  

As political operations go, this one is audacious, brilliant and visionary.

The political group, New Jersey Awakens, was started by Wefer under the name Hoboken Democratic Social Club, and met for a number of months.

Only after the Orange Terror was elected, Wefer renamed the group and decided to take it in an activist direction- like thousands of other grassroots activists groups created after the Tangerine Caligula started signing Executive Orders- as seen on "Fake News CNN" and "Fake News MSNBC".  At the same time, the Indivisible Guide appeared to teach ordinary folks how to be as effective in influencing policy/elected reps, modeled on the 2009 Tea Party movement.

The Indivisible site has over 5,000 registered Indivisible groups; New Jersey Awakens is  one of them.

And so...

Wefer's political group, New Jersey Awakens, has already recruited a number of candidates to run in local elections throughout the state.   The group is launching its North Jersey kickoff at the Zeppelin Beer Garden in Jersey City on February 26th at 5pm, where it will introduce some of the local candidates running for office.

More to follow...

In the meantime, to get a taste of what Brennan's about, here's a clip (Part 2) from an episode of Brennan's old cable show "New Jersey Civil Service."  (You can see the whole episode (Part 1) on GA's 2010 post "Bill Brennan, Man to Watch")

About 2 minutes into the video (Part 2), Brennan announces his  " Big Teat-Sucker Derby " winner of the Month, for the most egregious, shameless suckling at your wallet with a series of no-bid contracts for Hudson County municipalities!  You will recognize the name. Brennan then shows a pile of invoices for 'services' such at videotaping a building or snapping a photograph in addition to his bill for monthly "professional consulting services."

My kinda guy!

Part 2 of 2


  1. Kim Guadagno gets some Hoboken payback.

  2. Yeah ... I'm sure this news has Kimmy shaking in her boots. (Not!)

  3. It's not about Guadagno or even republicans. It's about the deadwood that calls itself the democratic party and so far hasn't observably learned a damn thing from the disaster of Nov 8th which bears new poisonous fruit every day.

  4. Zeppelins are cool.

    Zeppole are best when they are hot.

  5. i'm confused. why is dana running as a repub instead of a dem? i thought the goal was to reform the democratic party/machine.

    1. Well, it's a strategy. Remember Bloomberg got elected NYC Mayor that way. I believe the theory is that a Repub running on a progressive platform will attract enough disaffected Dems and disaffected Repubs and Independents to influence the outcome and/or Dem Party platform. It's a kind of genius, but who knows where it will lead. Gotta love Dana's moxie!

    2. Michael Bloomberg is a multi-billionaire head of media empire who self financed one of the most expensive election campaign NYC has ever seen.

    3. GA nice try, she could run as a independent.

    4. 6:41- "nice try"? What am I trying, weirdo?

      If you/anyone wants to know why Dana's running as a Repub ask her yourself at her kickoff tomorrow.

  6. I'm going. Combing my barbels and everything.

  7. Where do I contribute. Dana - absolute genius.


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