Phil Murphy *starring* in Zimmer Fundraiser

WOW!  On April 17, 2017 the next Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy is coming to Hoboken to spin Dawn Zimmer around the dance floor!

That's right people.  P-H-I-L M-U-R-P-H-Y. 

So if you want to support our  mayor in her re-election effort, and rub elbows (or kneecaps) with Phil, you've got to pony up some bucks... but won't it be worth it?

Of course it will!

Hoboken is honored to host the next governor of New Jersey- who apparently is a fan of our mayor (read the marquee).  It is true.  There is no other mayoral candidate who would bring Phil to our Mile Square.

Below is all the information you need to know about when and here.  Just click HERE to RSVP and to purchase tickets online.

But first, make sure your wallet is engorged...  c'mon people, don't be cheap! Support our mayor and schmooze with Phil!


  1. good to see the coverage here. the alt blog is going further off the deep end every day. its starting to throw shade a blogs that dont keep up with the latest alt rumors. stick a fork in it.

    i would love to know why everyone decided to get in line behind murphy. sweeny and fulop dropped out pretty suddenly.

  2. You have to know that if they can find a candidate willing to do their bidding, the big real estate developers who have been waiting in the wings since Peter Cammarano was locked up, to put a sympathetic administration in place so they can maximize their profits with mega sized buildings with no regard to what their over development would do to the rest of the Hoboken they will flood them with cash.
    We have seen it before. We stopped it . We can't afford to see it happen again

  3. Mayor Zimmer and the City Council already have many positive accomplishments on their resumes and will have even more by November and are favored to win. Expect the usual sideline negativity, kvetching and posturing by the unrealistically and terminally unhappy few will happen. It's Hoboken. That said Hillary Clinton was favored to win too. so a little extra help now couldn't hurt.

  4. Great, another Goldman Sachs flunky. This guy seems to be purchasing the Governor spot with his Goldman Sachs tidy chest. No thanks, not looking to enrich Murphy further with a $300 Don't trust him, nor the Mayor's judgement when it comes to NJ Governors. She's the one that thought we were 'so lucky' to have Christie.

    1. I don't want to make you look stupid but the fundraiser is not for Phil Murphy. Reading is fundamental. Just say'n.

  5. Mayor Zimmer went to Councilman DeFusco's fundraiser.

    Will Mike DeFusco attend Dawn Zimmer's fundraiser ?

    Will the "WTF Nancy" guy show up ?

  6. Meanwhile, this week .....

    Hoboken gets AA+ S&P bond rating.

    Work begins on replacing Washington Street's ancient infrastructure.

    Mayor Zimmer gets an award from an international resilience organization.

    1. Not bad for a girl. Just say'n


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