"Don't forget MEEE!"

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24 hours after the Observer.com  published "Sources: Former Ally Poised to Challenge Mayor Zimmer in Hoboken,"  Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano chimed in with:  "I am weighing my options (for a Hoboken mayoral run)."

GA thinks Romano meant to say: "I am weighing my options to see if Zimmer runs a Freeholder candidate against me..."

One imagines that his campaign manager, Pablo Fonseca wants to keep his candidate relevant in Hoboken mayoral politics, create buzz, and perhaps send a message (or two).

One message might be to potential DeFusco donors: "not yet."

Stick's  public flirtation with a mayoral run could impact DeFusco's ability to raise money; it's likely two Zimmer opponents are competing for the same donors.  

Another message might be that Romano has the power help/hurt Zimmer in case Defusco does run;   he could throw in and split the OG vote like Tim Occhipinti did in 2013 or sit it out.

What about DeFusco?
Well, GA thought yesterday's Observer article that Mike was "prepping for a campaign" was interesting.  Not the "prepping" part, because that rumor's been out there for awhile.... and a rumor leaked by unnamed sources online doesn't elevate it above a rumor.

The fact that no one would go on the record on the "prepping for a campaign" stuff is the interesting part.  To me!

GA wanted to know if that was a sanctioned or unsanctioned leak.  So I asked a source close to the DeFusco campaign who told me that DeFusco did not sanction that leak, providing neither  confirmation nor denial of its truth.

That be the case,  GA is going to give Mike, whom I personally like, some unsolicited advice.

Find out who leaked to the press and get rid of them.  That person did you no favors.  If/when you do announce, it should come from you and not some anonymous, blabbering idiot. It's my POV that leaky anonymous operatives speaking for the candidate or the campaign make the candidate look weak, indecisive and the campaign look disorganized. Some might even question the motives of the leaker, and the info- is it reliable?  Is it malicious?  Was the leaker for real or just some wannabe player or doofus or troublemaker?

Hey, it's not that complicated.  Let folks hear you at a time and place of your choosing. My two cents.

From the Mouth of Bah-ler
GA  had asked Councilman Ravi Bhalla the other night what he thought of the dueling fundraising events (his and Mike's) on the same night.  

The unflappable Bhalla called it an "inadvertent scheduling overlap," was gracious- no stream of epithets or foot-stomping.  Talk about mellow...  the guy has sat for 8 years listening to Jimmy Farina mangle his last name- "Bah-ler" and taken it like a champ.

Then Ravi added (I had him repeat and took notes): "I’m grateful that Councilman DeFusco has repeatedly expressed to me in the past that he is fully supportive of my re-election and supporting the Mayor last year, and similarly, I’m looking forward to supporting him in his re-election in 2019."

Gotta love Hoboken politics!


  1. Shouldn't we be asking Russo if Romano is running ? Just say'n.

  2. Russo didn't show at DeFusco's.

    1. Perhaps like at Beth Mason's press conference when she announced HER ticket in the mayoral race he was asked not to show. If you remember after the infamous FBI lunch was published we learned Russo picked her ticket.

    2. I heard Matt C was asked not to show.

  3. The politicker story said Councilman "David" Russo was supporting DeFusco. If true - so much for family loyalty. Unless of course the "support" is less than 100% sincere.

    In any event the original story said that Tim Occhipinti supported Defusco and implied that Senator Kenney did. Apparently they contacted the reporter and told her they supported Zimmer since the story was changed.

    Ruuso just got his name corrected so presumably he confirmed his support for Mike. I wonder if Mike remembers that Church Towers voted for Cammarano despite Russo's "support" for Mason.

    Of course he does - after all he's soooo saavy!!!!

    1. I look forward to Russo picking Mike's ticket. Or will it be Romano's ticket? Or both, just to play it safe. I'm so confused.

      What tangled webs we weave....

    2. Defusco is now complaining why the bike lanes are not shoved the day after a snow storm on his facebook page. Our city employees work hard and do their best with what they have. There priority should be to crosswalks and sidewalks first.

    3. Next he will be posting stupid cartoons.

    4. He becomes more of a clown everyday.

    5. A friend of mind over heard Defusco taking credit for the 2nd pump by Maxwell place. He is claiming it was his idea to move it there from its orginal location by the park.

    6. 11:14- demonstrably false. Hard to believe that's true, your friend must have heard wrong. The H5 pump was located when Occhipinti was on the Council.

  4. But the bike racks were shoveled - I was watching them clean out the one at Newark and Adams this morning. Is he really this big of an idiot?

  5. If that's true then it's petty. Reminds me of Liebler posting photos of garbage on FB - "Mayor Zimmer left this hunk of crap!"


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