4-acre pop-up park design approval TONIGHT!

click plan to enlarge 

Coming soon to our Mile Square: a temporary "pop-up park" on the 6.1 acre BASF site- and a temporary parking lot!

The proposed park and lot design (above) will be presented at tonight's City Council meeting, to be followed by a vote on the Resolution approving the design.

This one seems like a no-brainer, folks.

60% of the park features proposed are "re-usable" to minimize cost and suggested funding sources include temporary lot parking fees, municipal Open Space Trust Fund, sponsorships and/or donations.  The park surface will be the new asphalt cap after the 6.1 acre site was remediated.

The pop-up park proposed amenities are detailed in the City's memo:


The temporary park will be used for 2-3 years until it is replaced by the permanent resiliency park. 



  1. Prayers for Michele Russo and her family in this very difficult time.


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