RALLY Tonight: Stand with Jersey City's MUSLIM & IMMIGRANT Communities!

Send a message tonight to President Wrecking-Ball's shadow government at the White (Nationalist) House; Americans will not forsake our Muslim and Immigrant communities.

Those of you not attending Mayor Zimmer's State of the City speech tonight at 7PM in DeBaun Auditorium, please come to the rally for Jersey City's (and America's) Muslim/Immigrant communities to be held tonight:

 6-8 PM
119-158 Newark Ave, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
(Grove Street stop on the PATH)

As posted on Facebook:

"Jersey City Stands with our Muslim and Immigrant Community. Come in solidarity and peace as we show our strength in diversity as one of the most diverse cities in the nation. Use and follow #JerseyCityStands

A violation of the constitution. A religious test. We are not hysterical. A President who continues to lie to the American people to propagate anti muslim sentiment, bigotry and violence. A 7 nation ban that detains and sends back people because they are Muslim is UnAmerican and immoral. This is detention without due process- chilling to constitutional norms, civil and religious liberty. This IS a matter of life and death for Refugees and empowers Extremists. This is not the time to tune out- whether it be social media, on the news, in coffee shops- the content will keep showing up in your life calling you to action. Don't run from what is being asked of us. Answer the call.

Our children and grandchildren will ask us about these times and what we did to defend our country and stand up for each other. Looking forward everyone at the rally. -Michael Billy [organizer]
Confirmed Speakers in no Particular Order:
A moment of silence will be taken for the victims of the shooting at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center over the weekend and all those affected by bigotry, tyranny and war. 

Nina Macapinlac: Northeast Regional Coordinator for the International League of People's Struggle
Mr Imtiaz Chaudhry President: Our lady Fatima
Mr Sam Khan: President American Muslim Association
Dr Eldhardery: Parliamentarian Egypt.
Eric Nilsson: President Jersey City Peace Movement
Tracey Noelle Luz: Jersey City Action Group
The Group "Jersey City vigil for Refugees" 
Michael Billy: Event Organizer and Community Activist
Dr. Imtiaz Syed: Chairman of the Subcontinent Peace Foundation
Mayor Steven Fulop: Mayor of Jersey City
Christian Fuscarino: Executive Director Garden State Equality
Rolando Lavarro : Council President, Jersey City
Gian Parel: Secretary General of Anakbayan New Jersey
Juan Cartagena: President of Latino Justice
Ahmed Shadeed: President of The American Muslim Association