'Emnet Ed' washes aboard NHSA!

Two weeks ago, GA posted a fairytale called "Emnet Ed and the 3 Witches."

This was Chapter 1:
Once upon a time in Hoboken, a 4th ward resident had an idea.

It was a big idea.  An idea that could possibly alter the course of regular flooding on the city's west side.  The resident's name was Ed.  The year was 2008.

Ed brought his idea to his 4th Ward council person who later became Mayor. Ed's idea was a flood mitigation technology called "Emnet."

Emnet is a wireless system of sensors installed on the under-side of manholes, that was developed in a land far, far away called Indiana.

Ed believed Emnet could coordinate operation of Hoboken's (future) pumps with actual conditions in the flood-prone areas of Hoboken rather than basing control on conditions in the areas of the pumps (which tend not to flood).   Ed discovered that Emnet could also control combined sewer overflows (which is what Hoboken has).

So, when Emnet Ed the Visionary brought his idea to his 4th Ward Councilwoman, Hoboken lived Happily Ever After... right?  Wrong!

Well folks, that Emnet Ed put in an application to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, along with (2) other worthy and talented candidates: Leon Gold and Paul Blanos.  Oh yes, and former NHSA Commissioner Frank Raia.


Tonight, the Hoboken City Council will vote on this Resolution:

click to enlarge

It appears that congratulations are in order to Emnet Ed...

Congratulations, Emnet Ed!

And thanks to all applicants for being willing to serve your city.   Newbie Paul, do not be discouraged; there are so many opportunities to serve!

On a (sort of) related note...

GA was dismayed to hear that on January 10, 2017 Hoboken's Maxwell Place won a $5,000,000 judgment in a civil lawsuit against the NHSA.   The suit was over the NHSA's largely underground installation for the H5 pump on land acquired through eminent domain.

The only 2 above-ground accessory structures are a 36"h x 36"w x 18"d  'box' and a 42"h x 8"dia 'tube.'  Huh?

According to NHSA Director Richard Wolff, the H5 pump was located for optimum functionality and efficiency of design; moving the pump north would have required construction of 2 enormous holding tanks ("50 feet long...") and moving it west (into another residential neighborhood) would not properly drain the ShopRite area.

GA cannot believe that these buildings, monoliths lining the Hudson which have certainly blocked the air, light and views of the rest of us (a.k.a. "neighbors") would begrudge the above-ground area the size of a coffee table in order to protect their neighbors from FLOODING every frigging time it storms.   

GA is shocked.  Now, Maxwell Place owners have public infrastructure below ground on a strip of property and a "coffee table" sized appurtenance above ground- on a green island with shrubbery-, TO PROTECT THE PROPERTY of those who rent or own in a low-lying part of Hoboken.

How about WE sue YOU for blocking our view of Manhattan?

Certainly your bulbous towers have a negative impact on property values of the homes you cast in shadow.

GA can hardly believe that such a lawsuit was ever initiated.  Hopefully it will get overturned on Appeal.


  1. Ed sounds like he's qualified. I wonder when he put his hat into the ring, I don't recall seeing his name in your article that listed Leon, Pupie and Paul. Sounds like Ed was a later addition for consideration. I wonder if he was recruited and by whom.

    1. Yeah, he put an application later. I believe he had applied to the NHSA once before and didn't get it.

    2. Thanks! He seems qualified to be sure.

  2. Go Emnet Ed !

    Boo Academy !

    The bus company who hopes to max out it's profits on it's long vacant parking lot next to the SW Park that is being built on that backs of Hoboken taxpayers, is making phone calls tonight to bolster their months ofHoboken Reporter ads to keep the possibility of Eminent Domain off the negotiation table.

  3. Hopefully the rumor circulating that their may be people privately promising political contributions at a later date for a no vote tonight is not true.

  4. well THIS seems to be good news: http://newjersey.news12.com/news/new-flood-pumps-help-keep-hoboken-mostly-dry-during-monday-nor-easter-1.13003991


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