The TRUTH about HHS enrollment (you won't hear it from Parents United)

The following was stated by Parents United at the QLC HBoE candidates debate:

"Hoboken High School enrollment has gone from 575 students in 2009 to 347 in 2015"

In fact, these opponents of Reform paint a dark picture of Hoboken High School. A favorite Dark Side mantra is the alleged precipitous decline in enrollment since Reform took control of the district in 2009.

Is it true?

The graph below uses enrollment data for Hoboken High School sourced from the NJDOE website (screen-caps of the data are the bottom of the page.)

Yes, there actually is a 23% drop in High School enrollment from the 2008-2009  'Pre- Reform' era, but GA believes it can be largely attributed to the removal of illegal non-resident students enacted after Reform took control of the district.

The Raslowsky-Petrosino regime allowed substantial numbers of non-resident students to remain illegally, on the taxpayers dime.  Estimates were that up to 25% of Hoboken students were non-residents illegally attending the Hoboken District. 

This was an issue for many Reform activists when the 'Old Guard' was in control of the district.

Here's what one wrote in a letter to the Hoboken Reporter on February 5, 2008.   It was captioned, "Looking the other way on illegal students"
"In my daughter's second-grade class at Wallace last year, seven of the 16 students did not live here… I became aware of this issue when my children were enrolled in Wallace. My son's kindergarten graduation party was at a classmate's home in Secaucus. On field trips, kids pointed out their hometowns or the routes they drove to get to school. Teachers gave up on asking the kids to memorize home addresses because too many got their real and phony ones mixed up. 

I suspect that this studied indifference here has to do with boosting the numbers so there are more administrative and support jobs to hand out to family and friends."
 -Maureen Sullivan 

Once Maureen was elected on the Kids First slate, Reform made residency enforcement a priority. Sources tell GA a substantial number of non-resident students attending Hoboken Schools illegally have been sent back to their home districts.  Anecdotally, as a public school parent, I witnessed this myself.

With the influx of students at the early grades, the impact of removing the  non-resident population would be felt at the upper grades.  That is not speculation, it's in the numbers.  Jersey City, Union City, and other municipalities' residents have been sent back,, and the work to identify non-resident students here illegally is ongoing.

The  persons backing Parents United did NOTHING to enforce residency and protect the taxpayer. So...

Are you ready for Petrosino's crapademic graph showing 2007-2015 enrollment that he published on his farkakt  blog?

Petrosino used the correct  NJDOE enrollment data for 2007-2008 (601) but  after that... fiction.

Hey look, there's that "347"  alleged HHS enrollment number that Parents United quoted at the debate!  ANd can you believe...

Dr. Petrosino's graph shows a 42% drop in HHS enrollment from 2008- 2015! 

Now that's the precipitous drop in HHS enrollment that Parents United was talking about... 

...only it's not true.  

Why, oh why does the former Hoboken Assistant Superintendent Petrosino propagate lies to harm the Hoboken School District ? 

The answer.

I guess so.

Now you can see the actual NJDOE enrollment data before it got mangled by the Texas Truth-Twister "Dr." Anthony Petrosino.

click image to enlarge


  1. I live for your graphics. :) Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Resident enrollment-familues living in Hoboken....subtract the "choice" students from your numbers and you arrive at his numbers

    1. Oh, really? And where is Dr. Doosh getting his "choice" numbers from? They aren't in the NJDoE enrollment data, and they're not in the BoE budget. Where's the source for these alleged adjusted numbers? Show us your source for "choice" enrollment, Dr. Doosh.

      Oh right, he closed down his crapademic blog to the public- you have to be a special 'member' to view.

      But really, 'choice" is irrelevant in this discussion of HHS enrollment. Parents United claims the number "347" is the current HHS enrollment-- WRONG.

  3. The choice students are not all in the high school. They are distributed throughout the district (and plenty in the charters too!)

    What is with that guy? Why does he hold a jihad against the children of the public school district? He's got some major butthurt going on since he lost his case.

  4. Whaaah! I lost my case and had to give $$ back, so I'll bash the children I lost the privilege to educate.

    Hey, petro, go be ugly somewhere else. You are embarrassing your family.

  5. Not accurate: "Hoboken High School enrollment has gone from 575 students in 2009 to 347 in 2015"

    Accurate:"Hoboken High School resident enrollment has gone from 575 students in 2009 to 347 in 2015"

    1. Petrosino's "resident enrollment" numbers are nonsense.

      The "resident enrollment" in Petrosino's time included an estimated 25% non-resident student using the Hoboken address of a friend or relative to register in a Hoboken district school.

      The "resident enrollment" is an unknown when substantial numbers of students were attending illegally with fake addresses. Maureen Sullivan said it herself, and once she was elected with Kids First, the district began enforcing residency. The process of identifying non-resident students is an investigation. It started in 2009-2010 and continues today.

      Petrosino and his gang wanted the bloated enrollment. They did allowed illegal students to remain, as Maureen describes in her letter. Petrosino's gang did no enforcement- and now he calls the 2008 enrollment bloated with illegal students, "resident enrollment." Patently dishonest, what we've come to expect from him.

      Petrosino is playing with numbers, as usual. He has not provided documentation of his "choice" numbers, nor sourced them. That is what separates an honest academic from a dishonest crapademic.

      The NJDoE enrollment numbers are actual enrollment numbers, and you can take it from there.

  6. Choice student total and distribution information easily found- follow the money

    1. Baloney. You can extrapolate whatever you wish- there is no data showing number of "choice" students, nor the distribution of the choice students among the districts. That's why Petrosino can't source his numbers.

      "Resident enrollment" is nonsense since the "residents" included substantial numbers of non-resident kids- in the hundreds- here illegally. Kids First started the return of illegal students to their home districts, and that continues today under Reform leadership.

    2. GA- i dont know about 2009 and dont care that much. But, is the 2015 resident HHS enrollment really 347? Thats a non trjvial drop even from past bloated numbers-- how many choice students in HHS?

    3. No, it is not 347. I have no idea how Petro divined that number, and he isn't telling us.

      The HHS 2015-2016 enrollment per NJDOE is 458.

      My understanding is that Hoboken accepts a set number of choice students, and they are distributed throughout the 4 districts- public and charter. I am not sure what your point is, because the districts are reimbursed for the choice kids.

      The "non-trival drop" in enrollment is 23% from 2008-2009 to 2015-2016. At the same time, the district has enforced residency and a proportionate number of students have been returned to their home districts, so in my opinion it's a wash.

      I can say that the enrollment NOW vs.THEN is that the current is comprised of students here LEGALLY- through Hoboken residency or Choice. Back THEN, the enrollment was bloated with kids here illegally.

      Of course the enforcement of residency is ongoing- the problem doesn't go away. It's not only Hoboken's problem. I believe Bayonne actually offered a bounty for turning in illegal student.s

  7. Biancamano's fault for feeding PU bad data. PU's fault for not doing their homework. The ape's fault for using a flashlight instead of a laser...

  8. GA Thank you for clearing this up! The elephant in the room still exists though. Enrollment is still down from 2010 to the present. Is even down from last year to this year. What is the current board majorities reason for this drop. You can not blame it on Petrocinio.

    1. The elephant in the room was a non-resident elephant, in the room illegally and he got sent back to his home district.

      Let me repeat. Hundreds of illegal students have been returned to their home district in the past 5 years.

      The return of illegal students is reflected in the enrollment numbers. All schools/grades affected. Enrollment not impacted in the lower grades where demand outpaces supply.

      Effectively, it is a wash. The "drop" is DROPPING ILLEGAL STUDENTS from a bloated enrollment and releasing the Hoboken taxpayer from the burden of paying to educate illegal students. Thank you, Reform!

      Vote 1-2-4.

    2. The other reason for the drop is the demographic shift in Hoboken. Historically, it has been the local, low - moderate income Hoboken families who have populated the schools. Many of these people saw their kids graduate and they have either remained in Hoboken (now with no kids in the schools) or they sold their home and have been replaced with young couples and families who do NOT yet or will in the near future have older kids. Not all - the HHA and about 60% of the units in the buildings accepting Section 8 - still recirculate with kids of all ages (about 40% of the subsidized has been converted to market and is now rented to 20+ year olds so still no kids). So as the organic/Hoboken population numbers decrease, the newer entrants are not yet populating the high school enough to supplant the loss from the longer standing population. But we are slowly seeing an uptick from non-traditional demographics as more and more families are staying longer - and the next few years are critical - and it is new programs like project Lead The Way (engineering and computers), and the various HHS Open Houses and the program where HHS students go to the charters, that are really helping to expand the reach outside of the core population. And School Choice is actually what is allowing us to help pay the bills. A strong High School requires a lot of programs and good teachers. These cost money, and if we did not have the contribution from students from other towns - the ones here legally - we would not have enrollment in the higher grades that could support the cost of good programs.

      On the flip side, we are seeing a HUGE explosion in the early grades - Prek3-1st grade. Dr. Johnson said in a recent HR article that the population of 6-7 yr olds has increased 60% in the last 4 years. These are crazy growth numbers but they reflect the fact that people are staying longer than ever in Hoboken. THey are happy with the experience that they are having in the lower grades and are researching and becoming more interested in the prospect of keeping their kids in Hoboken through High School.

      Forward Together knows all of this. They have been working directly with Dr. Christine Johnson on all related issues and are behind much of the programing improvements we are seeing at all levels in the schools. Parents United not only do not have the right data, and are purposely misleading the public, they aren't even suggesting ways tangible ways to make improvements, and all of their suggestions for changes - like adding STEM, working with Stevens, adding Cybersecurity as a class - are already in place.

      Vote 1-2-4. It is critical that you do.

  9. Removing illegal students getting a freebie education off the Hoboken taxpayers is great!

    Why do the other guys always trash progress?

    1. He just posted choice numbers on his blog by grade and year. The 347 number is correct for grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 for 2014-15 -- he shows 111 choice students. Subtract that from GA's 458 and it works out. Someone is wrong.

    2. 12:41- is that right? I just went to look there- he took down his blog from public view. No one can see his magic numbers, but YOU. And you're anonymous. Looks like he reads GA lol.

    3. You can access his blog with proper permission- email address - he's posted all the choice numbers by grade and by year

    4. 9:30- in fact, only "invited" persons can access. In fact, a couple of people have tried email addresses and cannot get in.

      It appears to ME, Petro has given out a gmail "key" to access his site.

      How about this: send me a screen shot. In fact, please screenshot the whole article, top down with title and date, zoomed in enough to read. Send me the whole thing, I can put seperate screenshots together in photoshop in a snap.

      Send to

      Thank you.

  10. VOTE 1-2-4

    I learned long ago, never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and besides the pig likes it. - George Bernard Shaw

    1. George, you're right. But I think the above exchange turned the pig into bacon.

  11. Not sure what it matters. If we have more choice students, it means more people want to come to our schools and will travel far to get here and as a cabeat, the state pays for evey one of those choice students.
    How is that a bad thing?


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