STATEMENT: Freeholder Romano on the Petrosino Problem


"I support Dr. Johnson in all her efforts through the Hoboken School system and feel that she is the right person to lead this excellent teaching staff  and help our students attain a higher education.

I do not agree with Dr. Petrosino's negative comments about the Hoboken School system.

One must differentiate attacks on the BoE members from the students and the staff.

This is about Kids First. You can't let it get to the point of burning down Rome to get to the Emperor. I don't understand him. If Dr. Petrosino has an issue with current board members or former board members, the Superintendent, teachers and students should not be part of his personal vendetta."

Editorial NOTE:
Thank you, Anthony 'Stick' Romano for your statement today.

I am sorry I woke you up. I really appreciate you are going on the record about the damage Anthony Petrosino continues to do to the morale of the teachers and children of the Hoboken School system.

I appreciate how you listened as I conveyed personal experience on how Petrosino's false narratives are repeated in the classrooms by children (who hear them from their parents) and how he's been a one-man wrecking ball to enrollment at Hoboken High School.

You told me, "I was proud to be a Hoboken High School teacher."

Well, then GA respectfully requests that your slate, Parents United, stops validating Petro's poison by repeating the "facts" Petro pulls from his arse-hole. Yes, they have denied doing so. But  GA knows that Parents United has been using Dr. Crap's data; in fact, there is proof: a number cited at the debate by Parents United was pulled right off of one of Petro's screwy graphs. (See next post)

Unfortunately, you own the poison Petrosino is blowing into the Hoboken air to elect your slate, Parents United. That is why GA requested your statement, and I suspect that is why you gave it to me.

You certainly are not alone among 'Old Hoboken' in your disgust with Petrosino's attacks on our district's schools, teachers and students.

 GA has heard from some other sources who know the Petrosino family. One told me, "His brother and sister are suffering.... his sister is a teacher...  his brother's a cop... they are embarrassed by him."

All Hoboken residents of good character should be.


  1. Why do you use the term "facts" in quotes instead of stating they are lies?
    Are the numbers he is using really "facts" or is he making them up?

    Are you more upset with the messenger, message, or how the message is communicated?

    1. Anon- the quotes speak for themselves. Since the lies were presented as "facts" by Parents United at the QLC BoE candidates debate, I will refer to them that way.

      You know, debunking such "facts" (repeated by Parents United) takes time. I have already flayed his QSAC "fact." I have demonstrated that in fact the district QSACs have steadily increased since 2008-2009, the first year they were given, and under the Petro/Raslowsky administration. Petro has tried to argue that you can't use an average of averages. Says who? By that reasoning, every student report card, student "average", or college GPA is illegitimate.

      Anon, it doesn't matter what I am "upset" by- this is about truthfulness, decency and respect for our students, teachers and school system. It will prosper and grow, and advance on its own merits.

      I am working on the next "fact" now. Stay tuned.

  2. Wow, Stick steps up! Wasn't sure he had it in him, this Petro character must be a real winner.

  3. Stick has always said different things to different people depending what room he's in. He deserves credit for being an opportunistic two faced scumbag - nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Just tried Petro's blog and its asking me for my email address. Then I get a message saying I haven't been invited to view his blog. He did this last year. Douche!


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