Shock and Awwww

Rancid juice

Oh, no!

If our BoE race tested the political 'juice' of  Councilman Mike Russo & Freeholder Anthony Romano, I'd say their juice is way past its sell-by date.


In fact, their juice is so rotten, it might have botulism.  Check for parasites.  When juice goes bad, it ferments.

(BTW, did you ever sip old, rancid juice?  It looks the same as fresh, but once that old, rancid juice hits your tongue, you know its gone bad... )

Yep, after all that trash-talkin' about how "the  mayor's slate is losing," you'd think we'd get fresh juice?

Rancid! Drop that cup!

What's funny is that the Russo-Romano faction used Al Sullivan's column to frame the BoE race as "the start of a campaign to unseat Freeholder Romano."

Ummm.... NO.

The BoE race was a campaign to keep the District Schools in the right hands.

No  more, no less.

But... since the Russo-Romano faction forecast the BoE race as having implications for 2017, let's see how that went.

The anointed Parents United candidate that Russo-Romano openly put GOTV resources into, chose to be bullet-voted over the pretty heads of his running-mates and was the subject of Dark Side braggadocio ("He's our guy!") came in last place.

It makes you think... if there wasn't so much boasting and bragging and more WORK, perhaps their juice wouldn't have gone all sour.

Well, it's kind of tragic.  A source told GA that Romano was "shocked" and "seemed shocked" that his candidate was the lowest voter-getter.

Why the shock?

Because the source said that the election result was the "true representation of their vote when they are alone" (without Frank Raia).  and even more chocking because "Chipper is a very popular BnR and a diehard Russo/Stick supporter."

Maybe it's time for that fermented juice to stick to municipal and county elections, and leave the Hoboken district schools to the people who care about the Hoboken district schools.


  1. GA do you know whether Ramos/Garcia were involved in the BOE race? I heard they weren't. If not, it seems to me that not having Ramos/Garcia (or even an hispanic or African American on their ticket) probably cost them more votes than not having Raia. I doubt Frank could have added more than a few hundred more. The Ramos/Garcia people are probably worth at least twice as many votes as Frank.

    Still, the more important point is that if you add in all the votes Raia and Ramos/Garcia could conceivably have contributed had they been full steam behind the ticket, the good guys would still have won in a landslide.

    1. I don't believe Ramos was, and Garcia seems to be completely off the grid.

      IMO, Frank's 'help' wouldn't have changed this year's outcome, not at all. For whatever its worth, I was told that the public was very warm and receptive to Forward Together candidates this year.

      I don't buy that Ramos/Garcia would have attracted more Hispanic votes. Dallara is a Latina (Peruvian), and of course Addys Velez is a Latina- it didn't help either one last year to stave off the paid-VBM tsunami. Green is the only color that matters to the VBM-selling crowd.

      I have to chalk up the success to the message and the candidates and the positive direction our board majority has taken the District. We have a whole new generation of families using the district schools, loving them and wanting the success to continue on to the upper grades. And it will!

      The trashing of the schools by the 'Old Guard' slate turned off so many residents, particularity the district families.

    2. Use Beth's Money=Lose election

      Her Toxicity is still potent.
      Queen of Rancid

  2. maybe now the OG will realize shining a light in someone's eyes when they're trying to speak at a debate isn't a winning campaign strategy. or any kind of strategy, actually.

    1. Can we make Mason's ape this elections MVP? Lol

    2. Are you saying that the OG needs to control their animal ?

  3. Didn't you hear? Mason's throwing her hat into the race! Zimmer v Mason III

    1. Her hat has a better chance than she does

  4. Received a Thanksgiving card from clueless, awful and irrelevant Mason family.

    Now that she holds no office and is reviled by anyone who once crossed paths with her, you'd think she'd get back to whatever bored, stupid, unemployed rich women do. But then there is the endlessly open checkbook from Ricky.

    1. Think about what she has to do to get access to that checkbook. ew!

  5. I think four things happened in this election, the result is that the OG has a shrinking chance of ever winning again. (1) Frank was out this year in terms of the paid for votes - which meant about 300-400 less votes based upon last year's numbers. So they alone would not have changed the outcome had Frank been involved - the gap between 3rd and 4th was 1300? (2) There are way more "new entrants" into Hoboken. And these are ALL Reform votes. The OG - with all their stereotypical charactersitics - does not translate well to the newbies moving to Hoboken. So Reform voter base is growing. And they came out in force to vote. In particular the 5th and 2nd wards. (3) OG non paid voters showed up. They voted in Marineview and they voted in Church Towers. They voted in Applied's low income housing across the city. They just were not enough. Applied has been pushing out its low income residents and converting to market housing targeting young 20 yr olds (who do not vote locally). And candidates like Mike DeFusco have been making inroads into Marineview to help divide the voter base. So the OG voting base is declining. (4) thanks to GA, the community became aware of and galvanized opposition to the thug and and corrupt practices of the OG. I agree with a writer above that Calichio is the MVP of the election. Hopefully his MVP status carries through to next year. It wont have to though, because the currently considered candidates themselves - whether Romano, Russo, Ramos, Raia or Mason - will individually or combined - be the MVP's.


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