Reasons to VOTE today for 1-2-4

On your ballot  today is a choice between proven clean, progressive, successful governance of Hoboken District Schools and our City's ugly past: corrupt management and abuse of Hoboken kids' education funds.

GA will give you reasons to vote TODAY for 1-2-4: Evans Dallara-Sobolov!

The names may change, but this TEAM started in 2009-2010, with an independent audit of the 2008-2009 Board of Education.  (That was the year Parents United backers Frank Raia and Anthony Romano were the Board majority.)

The TEAM chose to have the horrendous audit findings read to the public (not bury them as Raia-Romano did) to air out the abuses of the 'old Guard' controlled BoE. Since 2009, this TEAM has  literally cleaned house of no-show jobs, returned hundreds of non-resident students in Hoboken illegally to their home districts, hired talent like Superintendent Christine Johnson whose fresh ideas and innovative, challenging programs like "Project Lead the Way" are preparing our kids for the future!  Our district public schools are experiencing a quiet revolution- one that is ATTRACTING ALL Hoboken residents.

Parents United 'Old Guard' backers do not want it that way. The most  prominent Parents United backers were former Board members during the era of check writing and using education money like a slush fund: steak dinners, trips to Atlantic City for friends, cell phone accounts, no show jobs. They bloated enrollment with out-of-district students to justify no-show hires.   Parents United backers are politically powerful; for 2016 they picked fresh-faced candidates- literally blank slates about the wonderful programs/activities/after-school programs our district  schools offer- to repeat ad nauseum the tired, worn talking talking points of one particular disgruntled district employee, fired by Reform in 2009.
Q: Why do Parents United backers want control of the School Board (again)? 
A: See below.
NOTE: The following excerpts are from the  NJDOE's Financial Performance Audit.   They are just a few of many examples in the audit that show astounding abuse of public education money.  Parents United $2,500 donor, Frank Raia was BoE President from 2004-2006.
1,050 employees with no job title or work location. 

Missing: hire dates, first names, last names, Social Security Numbers, birth dates. 

$6,041,444 was paid to employees terminated within 30 days of their hire date and more than 90 days after their termination.

$1,905,250 in payments made to vendors in excess of Purchase Order amounts.

$3,047,187 paid to employees without payroll deductions, including (1) gross payment of $103,216.

DEAD employees got paid.

Invoices dated prior to Purchase Order dates.

So people who were shocked to see this:

And this:

Now do you understand what this School Board election is all about?

Please, people.  HOBOKEN CANNOT GO BACK.



  1. Done! Long lines at Wallace for some districts at 10:30 am but not for my mine, in and out. I wish my tax dollars could buy a few more voting machines, places like Hoboken need to at least try and keep up with population growth. A friend in JC just waited in line for two hours, that's absurd.

    Go 1-2-4!!!!

  2. This audit is very damning. Is it possible or legal to post the names of the no show job holders? At the very least, the vendors who played along with these scams should be placed on a blacklist of vendors the BOE and charter schools may not do business with.


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