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GA might as well pile on the update wagon for HHA v Carmelo Garcia, and "Carmelo's Revenge"- Part 3.

It is a Tale of Two Courts: state and federal.

"Carmelo's Revenge" Parts 1, 2 and 3 (plus assorted "amended" iterations) were filed in in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Hoboken taxpayers have underwritten $150,000 for Garcia's multi-year litigation spree.  Former HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia is suing the HHA Commissioners who fired him, the mayor whom he blames and her husband, a pinata with glasses. Among other things, the suit alleges that Mayor Zimmer is white, and so is the pinata (GA alleges he is green- see below). 

Days before "Carmelo's Revenge" Part 3 was filed (on May 6, 2016)  the HHA stuck back! On April 29, 2016 the HHA filed Hoboken Housing Authority v Carmelo Garcia. The suit details alleged shady procurement matters, no-bid contracts, and assorted allegations of malfeasance.

The docket nos. for HHA v Carmelo are L-1722-16,  and for Carmelo's Revenge-Part 3 L-1822-16.   If the cases were combined, the 'first docket' would be listed as the Plaintiff, and their case would be presented first.

Sneaky, sneaky!  On July 7, 2016 Carmelo transferred the Hoboken Housing Authority v Carmelo Garcia to Federal Court.  That move ensured the cases would never be heard together; in other words, the jury hearing Carmelo's Revenge- Part 3 about the mean white people and the pinata with glasses, wouldn't hear all the HHA's allegations of malfeasance.   
 So...  where are things now?


On August 5, 2016, the HHA  filed a Motion to remand their lawsuit, The Hoboken Housing Authority v Carmelo Garcia, back to State Court.  Defendant Carmelo Garcia has opposed. A decision is pending.

On August 30, 2016, Defendant Garcia filed a Motion to Dismiss, opposed by the HHA.  That decision is also pending.


Two Defendants down, eight more to go! 

Yes, five days ago, on November 25,  two victims Defendants were dismissed without prejudice.

As reported first by Hudson County View then MSV, Plaintiff Carmelo Garcia defeated the Mayor's  and the Pinata's Motion to Dismiss (MTD).

Here's the interesting part: the MTD hearing was rescheduled 4 times, finally heard on October 14,decided on October 26 but... unreported for a month!  This, in spite of a full-blown campaign to publicize the alleged victory.

Sources tell GA that the Garcia Publicity Machine blasted the news out, and "all media got it." 

Now where have we heard that before?

Well, the media sat on this one, and sat, and sat....

Until November 21, when the Publicity Machine finally got a bite!  What a bite!   Hudson TV published the Louis Zayas show!

Check it out:

Now, why would Garcia's Revenge- Part 3  want to litigate in the press?

I mean, could they be trying to pressure the Defendants to settle with a big sack of taxpayer dollars? 

What do you think?


  1. Has anyone seen Carmelo? Anyone knows who he is talking to these days?

  2. I have always had a very low opinion of Carmelo Garcia and yet he continues to sink lower and lower.

    BTW has anyone heard anything about Carmelo's Assembly gopher Christopher Campos and his stinky legal mess ?

  3. Everybody laughed in Garcia's face when he tried to negotiate a $1.2M settlement with the city last year. His turd of a lawsuit wasnt worth 1.2 CENTS. He should pay the same price as the Bajardis for demanding a fortune in exchange for dropping the garbage lawsuit. Carmelo should have to pay everyone's legal fees - our taxpayer money!


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