Parents United new LOW: Hoboken High kids are better drug users than students


GA has seen a lot of dirty local campaigns, but...  wow.

First, Parents United dispatches an ape-like thug to point a flashlight into the eyes of  their opponents (slate 1-2-4.) while they answer debate questions.

top:  ape-like thug points flashlight (app) in Forward Together's Irene Sobolov's eyes, then in Jen Evans'. bottom: Parents United's Jessica Nelson reacting to Evans' complaint that the thug's flashlight is "distracting"

At the same debate, they dissed our High School with factoids gleaned from a disgruntled former district employee, then revealed they've never been to a BoE meeting, never been to the High School, never read a budget (they're online)...

But folks, this one takes the cake.

In a stunning show of contempt for our Hoboken High School students, the hardworking, dedicated, wonderful teachers, and Superintendent Christine Johnson here is what Parents United put on the internet:

Nelson ought to step down. Really. 

The judgment and character of a person who would disparagingly compare "rankings" for alcohol/drug -related incidents and academic achievement at a High School, does not deserve the privilege of serving the children of that school- or any Hoboken school. 

Nelson lacks the requisite compassion and empathy to serve on the Board.  No mature, responsible official would have glibly stated our kids are "ranking higher" in alcohol/drugs than grades.   

To put it GA-style, she's an idiot.

About "district ranking:"

Hoboken High School's 2015-2016 district ranking is 212 (not 221).   Note, there are 662 public high schools in New Jersey- only the top 337 were ranked.

Further, Hoboken High School has moved up 62 places in the rankings since last year.  

Superintendent Christine Johnson's leadership, her new programs, the hard work of our wonderful teaching staff, and efforts of our children are showing results. They shouldn't be put down nor compared to drugs/alcohol rankings. 

The future looks bright. And when the entire community starts using our high school, we will climb further up that list.  Nothing can stop us...  except for Parents United- their trash talk, lies, and negative outlook.

If you want to look at that kind of data, unfiltered, GA recommends the NJ-DOE web site. If you are a Parents United airhead, go to Patch. 

Or better yet, use your gmail 'key' to unlock Petrosino's hate-site and get your factoids there.

Per Patch, Hoboken High school reported 4 incidents in 2014-2015.  Patch also put HHS on a list of "biggest reductions" in incidents since 2013-2014.  And?

Parents United likes lists and rankings?  Okay, here's one for them.   

  • Ignorance of what programs and initiatives are already in progress, 
  • Failure to review the budgets (which are online),  
  • Lack of interest/involvement to attend even one BoE meeting before running, 
  • Disparaging remarks that the High School wasn't good enough for their children,
  • False claim that  "QSACs are going down," 
  • Misleading claims about Hoboken High School enrollment,  
  • Lack of knowledge about the most fundamental operations of district schools,
  • Attacks on the 14 year-old son of candidate Irene Sobolov
  • Deploying thugs to distract opponents at the QLC debate, reacting with smiles

Please, Vote 1-2-4


  1. What a crock - absolutely clueless. So reading that sorry story on Patch, I quickly saw that there is plethora of so called "good" communities and others in Hudson County that rank well within the top 25 of drug incidents in schools. No. 22 is South Orange (which that toad Brian Murphy, ex BOE candidate, touts as a better education experience as a reason to sell you house in Hoboken and move). No. 21 is North Bergen. Those are just two of many examples. I hate to drive traffic to Patch, but, for anyone interested in the BOE election and learning what absolute charlatans and frauds the morons running as PU are,the list is worth a look see.

  2. It's hard to believe that people running for school board think that way. Was that supposed to be funny?

    1. I just think that they are vapid and completely lacking in self awareness. As they say, if you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. And these PU folks seem to be doing a whole lot of scratching these days.

  3. Sitting BoE member Peter Biancomano and Sitting BoE member John Madigan both "liked" the comparison that School board candidate Jennifer Nelson made about the High School drug ranking and high school ranking?? Biancomano and Madigan should be brought up on ETHICS charges for disparaging the district and it's student's and families. And Nelson, Rossini, Benway are UNFIT to sit on any school board!! BTW so much for them "supporting" the superintendent, it's disgusting vile statements like this that will motivate Christine Johnson to leave!

    1. That's exactly what they want. Stick talks out of 2 sides of his mouth. Madigan, Biancamano, Stick, they're all working with Petro to bring him back after they chase Christine away.

  4. Since Jessica Rabbit has no familiarity with the responsibilities of a sitting board member, she probably does not realize that all eyes will be on the way she treats district students and esp. high school kids. Will she go to the amazing musicals and sincerely cheer on the kids? Probably not. Will she clap and stand for the students of the month kids when they are honored at each Board meeting? Will she even go to graduation? At least Brittany Montgomery does not pretend she likes the high school kids... she just doesn't go to musicals or even to the high school graduation. My heart breaks for these kids that these are the type of adults who sit or may sit on their school board. :(

  5. The people tagged on this post are a basket of deplorables. They collude with known criminals who stole from the Hoboken Public School in the past and with corrupt politicians who take advantage of poor resident through paid vote by mails. Talk about cognitive dissonance. Shame on them all.

    1. "a basket of deplorables" -- excellent phrase. I'm going to try to use this in the future.

  6. Hey, I heard Donald Trump said that he wants to drop the lawsuit. Same goes for Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-II and Bashar As-Assad, too. Let's get them on the BoE...

  7. Hoboken Charter School's board is made up of dedicated advocates who represent the best interests of their students. All are appointed board members.
    Elysian Charter School's board is made up of dedicated advocates who represent the best interests of their students. All are appointed board members.
    Hola Charter School's board is made up of dedicated advocates who represent the best interests of their students. All are appointed board members.

    The Public School district's board members are all ELECTED, don't the district students deserve dedicated advocates who represent their best interests?

    I absolutely think so and that is why I'll be voting 1-2-4 !!

    1. I absolutely agree with the point of your post, @10:46 PM. But I offer this clarification:

      The Elysian Charter School board is elected by "members" of the school, who each get one vote. Members are defined by the school's by-laws as 1) each family with a child (or children) enrolled in the school, and 2) staff members, and 3) board members.

      So, while Elysian's board is not actually appointed, it is definitely elected from within, free of any outsider influence.

      But, more significantly, Elysian has a state-approved system in which so-called "members" who needn't be Hoboken residents can cast votes for non-resident board members who will ultimately decide how to spend Hoboken tax dollars.


  8. GA- they are saying your number of public high schools in nj is wrong. Dr Doosh corrected it on his site. Here is the link he posted:

    1. 10:50- "they" are saying? Are you "they"?

      Petro has shut down public access to his blog. The public cannot verify content allegedly posted on Petro's blog that you claim has been posted.

      Moreover, if I am not allowed to read his blog, he's not welcome to read mine. Petro's viewing privileges will be restored when he lets the public back in. Petro's commenting privileges will be restored when he opens up commenting on his "education blog".

      Buh-bye, "professor."

  9. Petros blog is now for invited guests only? Did he change that during the election?

  10. There are well over 600 districts.

    Limited Fools read his blog and he writes to them. He knows they havent a clue- also likely the reason no one is allowed to post on his blog without his approval and the reason he made it private.
    Unless, his university is getting wind of his "errors" and are not too happy about them. University Studies are supposed to be trustworthy Knowing one of the authors often provides misleading data to the public, could lead to perception that his data is untrustworthy.

  11. There are 586 school districts in NJ. There are 482 public high schools in NJ.

    1. "professor," you are not allowed to post here until (1) your blog opens to the public, and (2) you allow the public to comment.

      Folks, Anon 10:48 is the "professor" posting from his job University Of Texas At Austin.

  12. Wrong.
    The 586 number does not include charter schools. Charter schools are included in rankings.
    There are way over 600 districts

  13. I wonder if Professir Dumbass knew how traceable his IP was when he agreed to testify in court that he was Curious Gal. He would have been shredded trying to explain how he posted from Hoboken on school days. And this moron is promoting STEM? Doesn't know the first thing about how a computer works.

    1. The Bajardis subpoenaed Patch for IP addresses- "CuriousGal" returned 7 or 8 IPs. That name was shared- some IPs from Texas, some local including from the Hoboken Library. Yes, it appears Petro perjured himself on his sworn Affidavit that he had exclusive use of that name. What a surprise!

  14. Dumbass hopes no one will actually click on the state links. If they did theyd see 596 districts and 88 charter districts. He hopes his readers are too stupid to add the 2 together and so far he has good reason for such

  15. LOL, al sullivan this week accusing "hoboken bloggers" of spreading malicious lies about Pee Yew. what a bought-and-paid-for loser.


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