Captain Flashlight's Voter Guide- UPDATED


What a response!  Back by popular demand- a star is BORN (almost... )

Original Post:

Thank you Captain Flashlight for reminding voters WHERE  on the ballot they'll find candidates Evans, Dallara & Sobolov (1-2-4): the bottom-right side of the ballot screen. 

Remember: after you don't vote for Trump- please do NOT leave the voting booth until you vote for Hoboken School Board slate 1-2-4!

It's true, in a presidential year, some do forget the local candidates at the bottom of the ballot.   

That is why Captain Flashlight has guided you with his ulta-powerful flashlight beam- the same one used to blind Evans and Sobolov while they answered questions at the BoE debate....

Just follow Captain Flashlight's mighty, scorching beam directed at  BoE candidates 1-2-4 and vote for them!

Remember folks...  let's KEEP THE PROGRESS GOING!

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  1. Awesome, GA!!
    The BoE election is non-partisan. In the booth, the Presidential candidates are on the left, BoE on the right. Vote 1-2-4!!

  2. Baby Romano in the belly may be the funniest thing I have ever seen

  3. Parasite for sure, he's dirtier than Trump with where his hands have been!


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