UPDATE: Three Cheers for Assemblywoman Chaparro


GA's got the exclusive you've all been waiting for... Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro's favorite cocktail!

It is (drumroll, please...) Bacardi and Coke!  That is, the Bacardi's "Puerto Rican Rum."

In honor of the Assemblywoman's excellent work, specifically her legislation to regulate massive internet-organized booze-fests (like Lepercon) and shift the cost from Hoboken taxpayers onto the event organizers, GA would  like to re-name the "Bacardi and Rum" drink to "Annette with Lime."

Here is the recipe:

Annette with Lime
Fill a tall glass with ice, add the Bacardi and coke.  Garnish with a lime wedge, and serve.

Now, let's toast District 33's  fabulous Councilwoman, Annette Chaparro!

GA is truly grateful that our Assemblywoman, Annette Chaparro, has dared to tackle Hoboken's annual plague of "cons" and "cons"-of the future.

Grab a glass of grog, and let's toast: Three cheers for Assemblywoman Chaparro!

Here is her legislation; let's hope this sausage gets made.

In the meantime, in honor of Annette Chaparro's brave legislation, GA is planning an organized internet event called "Chaparro-Con."

Chaparro-Con will be held on a Saturday (to be determined). On Chaparro-Con day, Hoboken residents of all ages, male and female, are invited to dress up as the Assemblywoman or wear Annette Chaparro disguises. The event will last 15 minutes.  From 12:00-12:15 pm, bars will be offering Chaparro's favorite cocktail, _________________,  at half-price .  No seconds.

Assemblywoman, what's your favorite cocktail?


  1. Finally some legislation that actually benefits normal people in Hoboken. Thank you Ms. Chaparro.

    Sounds like this bypasses trying to go after the anonymous organizers, but does stick it to the local businesses who participate. Which may then trickle back to the organizers? Are they even separate, or is it just the businesses organizing it all secretly anyway?

    Praise be if we can actually hold someone accountable so we aren't out hundreds of thousands just because Ashley and Troy thought an Arbor Day bar crawl would be totally epic.

  2. Nice work, Assemblywoman Chaparro.


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