Stirring the pot about Zimmer/Fulop

Speaking of "pots"... GOOD-BYE my FRIEND

Excuse GA for being "irregular;" renovations should be substantially complete in a few more flushes so allow me to plunge ahead.

Did you read this Al Sullivan's column this week?  This:

Somebody sure is trying to plant a Bad Seed in the Fulop-Zimmer relationship.

Could it be Bad Seed?  

Horny Badseed

Who knows, but a seed that rotten can only grow stink-weed.

more like a water pistol

Well folks, somebody wants to make trouble between Zimmer and Fulop... a friend of NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney, or Hoboken Mayoral candidate Anthony Romano.

GA has news for the $hit-stirrer and Al Sullivan: you're all WRONG.

From sources close to City Hall:

Dawn Zimmer didn't attend the League of Municipalities conference so she didn't attend Murphy's or Fulop's or Sweeney's events.  She also didn't attend Murphy's event in Hoboken that some are saying she attended. Her relationship now with Fulop is quite good- they are working together on issues important to both cities. 

A simple phone call to the Mayor could have prevented publication of such errors in the local press (fruit from a Bad Seed.)

Of course, Zimmer's enemies don't want to pick up the phone, not when they can harvest a Bad Seed.

Does anyone in our Fourth Estate want to investigate this?

I didn't think so.


  1. How old is that picture of the "horny" Badseed.
    He looks much more like his JumboJimbo handle now a days.

  2. first of the month, al sullivan just got the refill on his dumb pills.


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