Slicing baloney

Why is Al Sullivan trying so hard to place Hoboken Mayor Zimmer at a "Murphy election event?"

Here's what he wrote in his September 4 column:
"Zimmer herself attended a Murphy event last November at the annual League of Municipalities Convention."
Here's what GA wrote after fact-checking what Al wrote:
"Dawn Zimmer didn't attend the League of Municipalities conference so she didn't attend Murphy's or Fulop's or Sweeney's events."
That must have stung, because this week Al asked "Is Zimmer in Denial?," writing that "sources close to the mayor," and "Hoboken bloggers who do damage control for Zimmer" "[denied] claims that Zimmer attended a Murphy election event."


Since when is slicing baloney "damage control?"

GA didn't say Zimmer was at the League of Municipalities- Al did.  Retraction is the tool for columnists who make honest mistakes- shooting fact-checkers is for columnists who plant bullshit on purpose.

This week's sour grapes: turning Mayor Zimmer's attendance at a "New Start New Jersey" policy forum into something nefarious, an "election event" that Al alleges "some people close to her claim she didn't attend at all".

Score another whopper for our friend!

On April 13, 2015, published an article about the event, "It's the fourth event for Murphy's non-profit since he launched it in November. And it featured only policy discussion... several Democratic mayors from the region — Orange, East Orange, Hillside, Perth Amboy and Hoboken — were there to watch...."  The article quotes Zimmer.

Any "denials" allegedly made by "sources close to Zimmer" that the mayor attended the April policy forum are the figment of a loaded crack pipe.

Folks, it's not that hard to get the facts right, if one wants to.

As for doing "damage control," there's no "damage" to control, just baloney to slice.


  1. "Folks, it's not that hard to get the facts right, if one wants to."

    and there, my friends, is the crux of the matter. al's not trying to "get the facts right" at all. he's not stupid. he knows exactly what he's doing, and he knows he's publishing lies. case closed.

  2. Is Al Sullivan dumb or is Al a calculating lier ?

    As former President William Clinton once explained ; It depends on what your definition of is is.


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