Rigged Poll Monkey Business Day 2

Will wonders never cease?

GA told you yesterday how easy it is to rig online poll results... you simply need a trained monkey to sit at a computer and vote, reboot.... vote, reboot.  

GA also pointed out the anomaly of an obscure former Hoboken Councilwoman getting nearly 50% of the votes on a statewide opinion poll, matched against 10 other more well-known NJ elected figures.

Any of the others could have cheated the poll- paid a monkey to whack a button- but really, who else would care?


Since GA's post, 212 more votes arrived, pushing the Councilwoman to 51% of the vote total!

Boy, oh boy.  What next?


  1. Lazy slob strikes again.

    She can't even cheat right. You tell your stooges "give me a comfortable lead but don't make it so ridiculously one-sided that it becomes obvious what I'm doing."

    But Lazy Slob couldn't be bothered and hires stooges that can't be bothered. Et voila! It's now far worse than if Lazy Slob had done nothing at all. Because it's another object lesson in what an insecure nitwit Lazy Slob is. Only this time instead of just Hoboken, Lazy Slob is advertising the fact to the whole state.

    Nicely done, LS and stooges.

  2. as peter gabriel once said, "shock the monkey".

  3. It gets better! To follow: press release, commercial, YouTube, consultants, videographer, no expense spared... Not when the just a gigolo controls the lonely couger's pursestrings. The shit show rolls on to Trenton!

  4. She barely squeaked by her last run and dropped out alltogether for the last election.
    How is that helpful to sweeney? Given his latest screw up, he needs a powerhouse politician. Mason is certainly no help in that area.
    Ruiz or ciattarelli, maybe. No way is mMson part of that circle of names.
    Is she nuts?

  5. Looks like another wanna be is pulling a mason. Joe Rullo?

    1. He is a trump supporter.
      Does anyone anywhere really believe sweeney would run with or put a trump supporter on as lt. Gov?

  6. Who would be worse for Sweeney's ticket as Lt. Governor?

    Chris Christie (assuming he could run for Lt Governor)
    Beth Mason

    Tough call. But it might be Beth!


  7. Sweeney pulls out !

    Mason sent scrambling for an pocket to fill with cash !



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