Rigged poll (Pick me, Pick me, Steve!)

Oh, boy.

GA caught this one yesterday- an Observer politickerNJ.com online poll titled, "Who is New Jersey's Next Lieutenant Governor?"

On it were 11 names, one of them: "Former Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason."

I watched the poll, saw the voting for one name steadily rise in the rhythm of a rebooted computer; refreshed and ready to vote again.  PING!  PING! PING!

GA watched that one name skyrocket past the other far more well-known names, then rest comfortably at 305 votes, and 52%. And there it stayed until...

In the morning, back to work!  The poll-rigging (my OPINION) started up again!  ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM!

Up went the vote total!  Reboot, vote!  Reboot, vote!

Monkey business

Hilarious!  Will Sweeney buy it?  

This is a statewide poll. What kind of name recognition does a Hoboken Ward Councilwoman have statewide?

She does have name recognition to NJ politicians who know she sprays cash like a feral cat.

You may find this interesting: from New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission's September 2015 White Paper 26, Table 20: “Legislative Elections 2013- Big Spending, Little Change Plus a History of Self-Financing by Legislators and Others,”  

How many NJ politicians would spend $1.395 M on municipal races?

Politicians who are vying for the Lieutenant  Governor slot, know what you are up against.  No road out of Hoboken is too low to travel.

In GA's opinion, the poll is crap, a scam, a con, a cry for attention Hoboken residents know so well: "Pick me! Pick me!"

A problem with the current generation of politicians is most are not internet savvy.  Most probably don't get how easily internet poll results can be manipulated, especially a poll like this.   Just to test, GA voted a couple of times.

Advice to older pols: get at an internet savvy, social-media savvy adviser on your staff.

 Beth Mason's political operative- her onetime webmaster, is internet savvy.

But really, anyone can rig an online poll - even a chimpanzee!


  1. Even a chimp knows that internet polls like this are for entertainment only and would have better things to do than voting over and over. Of course this might well be the most productive thing a Mason operative could do with his time given that the alternative is trying to come up with a miraculous game changing way to make Mason seem appealing.

  2. You can vote repeatedly on an iPhone.

    Beth is such a clown. Most people outgrow things like feeling important because you share your crumbs with the poor and stuffing an Internet poll so embarrassingly obviously rigged that it will make her a flesh laughingstock to people with more important things to do and smarter ways of making a case for themselves.

  3. The author of the poll - Max Pizarro - has some inkling I think. But if not, maybe it would help if everyone who disagrees with Beth as being next LG send MP an email at: max.pizarro@politickernj.com.... just an idea...

  4. "Got lotion boss?" ROFLMAO!!!

  5. Figures Mason wants to screw Hoboken again... attaching to Sweeney who is calling for a reduction in Abbot Funding for Hoboken's preK3 and preK4 programs. http://senatorsweeney.com/press/editorial-sweeneys-smart-end-around-school-funding/

    1. I didnt know! Sweeney, Weinberg, Cunningham and Hoboken's unelectable political pariah Beth Mason support defunding Hoboken's pre-school programs! Horrible!

    2. Lol. I just checked... Mason has a 36 point lead on her closest competitor, 49%-13%. If her dumbass piss boys wanted the poll to look credible and not jacked up, they'd have her up by 10 points not 36. Shes an embarrassment at the state level.

  6. I wouldn't elect Beth Mason to scrap gum off sidewalks. She is a useless vile person. The amount of crap out there on here would make for a lifetime of negative ads. She has more baggage than the US Olympic Team. A person couldn't pick a more pathetic running mate if they tried.

  7. You want to criticize my monkey pounding computer skills, fine but leave my boss out of it. She's the kindest, most compassionate human being I've ever met. I'm not just saying that because we're partners in a dive bar either.

    I'm saying it because I can't get a real job and no one thinks much of my campaign skills after the 2012 Nazi Truck fiasco. I'm going to be shuttling residents to hot dog events outside The Civic forever. Or until Ricky pulls the plug on us.

    We really REALLY hate you Grafix Avenger.

    I am not a monkey, I am FISH!

  8. Sweeney may put her on his ticket, but she still has to win the popular vote. All she'll do is bring him down, no matter how much money Richard G. Mason pumps into Sweeney's campaign.
    If she is tapped to be Lieutenant Governor, once things in the race really get going, Sweeney's opponents will have a lot of dirt to work with once they google the poster child for narcissistic personality disorder.

    1. Oh yes - all those lovely emails. lol

  9. This gang really can't shoot straight.

  10. It all comes back to trying feed the ego of Mrs. Richard G. Mason.

    Sad, needy, pathetic and oh so very Beth.

    1. A shopaholic wife with a craving for fancy shoes and Prada bags would cost less.

    2. Beth spends a fortune on her wardrobe to try to look good but there is only so much can be done with clothes.

  11. No one knows Mason at the state level.
    What a dumbass.


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