Earwitness News Kinda Waxy Report

Do not try this at home

Any good ENT will tell you: NEVER stick a Q-Tip in your ear.

In spite of that, today's Earwitness brings you a Kinda Waxy Earwitness Report-- for Hoboken School Board watchers.


Despite rumors to the contrary, GA's Not-Waxy Earwitness reports:

Yesterday was the deadline to apply for Monica Stromwall's vacant seat.  Sheila Dallara did not put in an application because she is going to run on a slate with Irene Sobolov and Jennifer Evans. Today is the deadline for candidates to withdraw, so ballot positions should be announced today or Monday. 

Wow!  That raises questions, doesn't it?

Well, GA hopes the above gals get 'good' positions.

Now, throw out that Q-Tip!


  1. Another Castellano makes onto the City payroll


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