BREAKING: NJ Transit Train 1614 (Track 4) from Secaucus Jumps Track at Hoboken Terminal

Emergency phone line for FAMILY MEMBERS only201-915-2691



GA's contractor just walked in... he was at Hoboken Terminal about 30 minutes after the crash. He saw about "60-70" injured layed out and triaged inside the terminal, some appeared to have multiple fractures, some badly injured, and a woman partially under wreckage who he believed to be dead.  He said Hoboken emergency services were doing a "great job" and "looks like they were prepared".

MSNBC: "At least 1 [ revised from 3]confirmed dead... 75-100 injured."

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MSNBC reporting "20 to 30 injured."

Partial roof collapse.

MSNBC reporting "mass casualties" from an inbound train from Secaucus that jumped the track in Hoboken Terminal.  The train derailed and crashed into Hoboken Terminal.

MSNBC reporting "structural damage" to the station.

The NTSB reported to be on site.

BREAKING: A source reports to GA that "a [NJ Transit train] derailed in Hoboken and hit a building."

The Hoboken Police Department has asked for resources: police and ambulances from a neighboring municipality.

No information available yet... the situation is unfolding.


  1. Looks messy. Good thing there isn't anything built on top of that rail line just yet. Can you imagine the structural damage that could be done by a train hitting a few columns supporting some office buildings?

    1. Situation is unfolding... the NJ transit train from Secaucus did not slow down as it pulled into the terminal. it jumped the track, over the platform and into the old Terminal Building waiting area (with the skylight). The first 2 train cars were packed, some people ejected from the train. Roof collapse. People are still being pulled from the wreckage. Reporting 75-100 casualties.

    2. 75-100 deaths or injuries? I see you wrote casualties & I know that means dead, but CNN is saying just 1 dead so far. But they're also reporting ambulances aren't taking the hurt from the area which seems to indicate the people are dead. This is awful.

    3. 75-100 injured, but now the reports are 100. The FDNY has sent vehicles to evacuate injured from Jersey City Medical Center. MSNBC reporting many of the injuries are critical.

      BTW, casualties means dead or injured. Media using both. (Fatalities = dead.)

    4. Learn something new every day (re: casualties) thanks! As for FDNY taking critical injuries out of JCMC, I'm assuming they're taking them to top hospitals in NYC? This is really, really terrible. So many lives affected. I hope this was truly just an accident.

    5. Yes, horrible. MSNBC reporting that a witness saw the train engineer "slumped over the controls" before the crash.

      For commuters, Ferry and the PATH to Hoboken are out-of-service, you'll need to make alternate plans to get home.

    6. Is Hoboken North open? What about the lightrail?

      Sorry, I know you're not "the news" but you know more than most.

    7. Hoboken North is working.
      NJT Buses running from in front of Hoboken City Hall.
      Not sure about the Light Rail.

    8. snoopster- I just called NY Waterway to find out- Anon @ 12:34 is correct, it's running.

      The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line appears to be running. I will post if I hear otherwise.

  2. A close friend was in the 6th car of the train that crashed. It did slow down outside of the station, after it exited the tunnel under the Palisades. It sat waiting for clearance to enter the station. It started up and then pulled into the station at about approximately 10 miles per hour and did not hit the brakes. I keep hearing that it "barreled into the station". Not true.

  3. Just announced: PATH service will resume to Hoboken this afternoon.

  4. Thanks for all the updates GA!! Just checked Hoboken's formerly popular Mason Pravda site. Zero comments on their story. This used to be the type of event that would have generated 100's of useful interactions among users. Too bad that site chose to alienate and betray the audience.

    Checked another site that has recently ventured into the world of "alt-right" national politics. Not much there either. Too bad. that site had a lot to offer before it took a hard right.


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