Weehawken loves Ramos

Barracato's $2,600 contribution filed on November 27, 2015 "Ramos for Council" ELEC report  

Why oh WHY did a Weehawken resident give a Hoboken Council candidate, Ruben Ramos, the maximum individual contribution, $2,600, for his 2015 race?

Not just any Weehawken resident--no, the Weehawken-bucks Ramos for Council donor is the unfortunate wife of ex-Councilwoman Beth Mason's "business partner."  Yes, that same Beth Mason's "business partner who obtained "60,000 emails that HMHA/Zimmer exchanged with the buyer during the sale process."

Did Beth Mason's "business partner" ever explain to the taxpayers of Hoboken HOW he obtained "60,000" confidential emails about the hospital sale DURING the sale?

Maybe that crackerjack Patch reporter, Eric Keifer, could investigate.

Well, one only wonders what this portends for future Weehawken-based revenue streams to anti-administration candidates.


  1. What kind of p*ssy uses his wife's name to pump money into a political campaign? THAT kind. A real eunuch, a lowlife trashy ball-less freak.

    1. ROFL. Eunuch is very underused. Thanks for making me chuckle.

    2. Eunuch assumes he actually had a set of balls and a penis to lose ;)

  2. A real man wouldn't do that to his wife. Then again, a real man wouldn't need a sugar mama to buy him a bar.

  3. So Rubin Ramos was taking from the Mason's checkbook and even those involved thought they thought they had to find a way to keep it on the down low.

  4. Is it man? Is it beast? No, it's is fish!
    FinBoy is a crappy viperfish!

    Sara must be figuring while working nights in a dive bar serving shots to old Hispanic drunk Yankee fans is not livin the dream.

    Then she found out her husband works for Bit Mazon and what that means.
    So the drunk Hispanic Yankee fans; yeah that's the upside.

    She doesn't deserve a bottom feeder. Maybe Finboy's mom will fix her up with someone better. Only a stinkin dirtbag uses his wife to launder money into another town they don't even live in!

  5. Who will take Mason $$$$ after she stabbed Fulop in the back?

    Pass the popcorn.

    1. Clinton, Sweeney...
      or anyone who can do something for Madame Mason.


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