Prisoner of the Bouncy House

Oh, goody!  Former 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason is in the news again!

According to "Between the Lines" columnist Al Sullivan:

Smells like fish.

Wow!  "Lieutenant Governor Beth Mason"- that makes sense.

Remember that $40,000 donation to NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney's SuperPAC, New Jerseyans for a Better Tomorrow?

Remember that June 9th fundraiser for Sweeney's SuperPAC co-hosted with NJ Senate Majority Leader  Loretta Weinberg?    GA would like to tell you how much $ was raised, but New Jerseyans for a Better Tomorrow, Inc. failed to report the proceeds on their July ELEC report. (The Sweeney SuperPAC filed as a political committee- not a "PAC," if you want to look it up.)

Well people, nothing appears in Sullivan's column by accident.

Mason's own Huma Abedin  is a miserable fish whose drivel has 'allegedly' fed The Hoboken Reporter for years.  

Huma the Fish not only plumps his bosses feathers in the local paper, he was spotted in Hoboken at Sunday's "First Annual Back to School Bash 2016" thrown by The Mason Civic League. 

What was that bloated, smelly Weehawken interloper doing in our city?

Sources report that Huma the Fish was there to stop Steve Sweeney from escaping Beth Mason's Bouncy House. Yes, it's true. 

According to sources, Sweeney was imprisoned in the Bouncy House, only to be released if he appoints big bucks donor Beth Mason to be his Lieutenant Governor.

Witnesses report that Sweeney was lured into the Bouncy House by a paper bag purported to be filled with a hefty cash donation.   Huma the Fish was overheard promising Sweeney the "whole bag" if he took off his shoes and retrieved the loot himself from inside the Bouncy House.  So, when Sweeney lunged for the bag (filled with shredded newspaper) the Bouncy door was zippered closed and locked.


As mentioned, the NJ Senate President is to remain imprisoned until he makes Al Sullivan's wish come true.

In the meantime, fun was reportedly had by all at the Back to School Bash 2016.  Nearly all attendees were Hoboken families and their children.

As for local politicos, few attended because most are loyal to Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and avoid public appearances with Steve Sweeney's Lieutenant-Governor-in-waiting... like the plague!

In fact, most Hoboken politicos would not been seen cavorting with a suspected underwriter of out-of-town operations against Fulop -specifically the Jersey City mayor's initiative to move municipal elections from May to November (so he can still run for re-election should he not win he Dem nomination for NJ Governor next June.)

No, it is unlikely you will see many Hudson County politicos effectively spitting in Steve Fulop's face by chatting animatedly with Beth Mason in public- except for maybe one.

Witnesses spotted Boe Trustee Peter Biancamano chatting animatedly with Sweeney's aspiring Lieutenant governor for hours....

...and hours...

...and hours!

So, will NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney ever be freed from the Bouncy House?

Stay tuned. 


  1. Richard G. Mason wants what is best for his wife and has the money to buy it for her.

  2. guess which nazi truck insider is telling all to........ oh I ran out of ink.

  3. I guess Mason isn't too happy with sweeneys recent political suicide attempt.
    Anything that woman touches turns to shit.

  4. i have never worked for campaign, but i will put in hours knocking on doors and making calls for any opponent of sweeney's if mason is on the ticket. he can't seriously be considering her, can he? i'm no fan of his but is he that bought-and-sold?

    1. Richard G. Mason has a lot of money and that has bought him a lot of political friends, so yes, Sweeney will consider giving his wife a place on his ticket.

  5. That puppet looks like he is Bestest of friends with Hoboken's Pariah

    Did she buy him from his puppet master?

  6. Apparently Sweeney has not done his homework.

    1. I think Sweeney knows who he is getting in bed with but the money is what is important to him and his largely down state voters will only see Beth Mason's doctored resume.

  7. She ever going to get tired of being used for her money? No way in hell she gets picked and everyone but her knows it.

  8. Lt gov is a non-starter. Everyone gets that. But there are many appointments the gov gets to make. Or invent. Beth wants some stationery with her name and the state seal on it.

    But the problem is always the same. She's a freaking lazy slob. Everything has to be done for her, written for her, analyzed for her. Would she be looking for the taxpayer to pay for the staff of 20 she would need for any statewide appointment? Would she take the summer off like she did with a part time job?

    To put it simply - why do you keep trying to get a job when you hate to work?

    1. Lazy slob is the truth. Didn't the Bajardi Slapp emails show that operatives answered constituents emails?

    2. Imagine a partner in a big law firm getting his foot (wife) in the door of a new Governor. Lots of billable hours.

  9. Is Richard G. Mason the Anthony Weiner in this scenario... Hey I'm a big scout, want to pitch a tent with me?


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