Unrelated:  today on Putin and Me:  

Ramos endorses Romano for Freeholder... 

...in 2008!

And this BoE endorsement draft letter was written for Beth Mason by one of her political operatives... also in 2008.

Now for a different kind of endorsement... an endorsement of secrecy. 


  1. Still don't get why Beth wants to "be in politics." The most basic tasks have to be done for her. If you love it so much wouldn't you not only want to do those things for yourself but also make it clear that no one better try doing them for you?

    Reduced to the essential, she's a lazy slob. Left, right or center, you have to have more desire than that to play this game.

  2. lane and perry
    sitting in a tree

  3. It is always funny to see how these supposed friends treat Perry as some sort of dim witted child like Ines in these emails


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