Al-Witness Rumor

After a long hiatus from Hoboken political coverage,  Al Sullivan fertilized his latest column with assorted rumor and innuendo.  The topics of the Al-witness rumor were Hoboken's mayoral race and an upcoming appointment to either reappoint or replace NHSA Commissioner Tony Soares. 

The Al-Witness rumor can be summarized as follows:

About former North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) Commissioner Frank Raia:
  • he has "been spotted meeting around Hoboken with City Council people loyal to Mayor Dawn Zimmer."
  •   "...he is rumored to be considering a run himself for mayor in 2017 on a third ticket.."
  • "Speculation is that he is lobbying to get a seat on the NHSA, where he was for 25 years....  if so, then Raia would displace Tony Soares, whose term on the NHSA expires shortly"
About Hoboken Freeholder, Anthony Romano:
  • " (he) will likely run for freeholder first"
About Hoboken's 4th Ward Councilman,  Ruben Ramos:

  • "Councilman Ruben Ramos [is] reportedly planning to make another run" 

Administration sources tell GA the notion of  a 'deal' being brokered to swap Soares for Raia is false. Or you could put it this way: "Drop the bong, Al!"

 GA is not sure why that would be floated;  let's just call it a floater.

The rumor about Romano has anecdotal support; GA was told directly by a powerful Hudson County elected official: "I think Romano is running  for Freeholder."

And Ramos?  Stay tuned.


  1. When is Frank not considering a run for mayor?

  2. Al's column sounded like it came from one source in particular.

  3. Is it Groundhog Day?

  4. Not to veer into national politics, BUT, Frank, the perpetual self funded candidate talking about being mayor, for what, 20 years? sound familiar? MWHAHAHAHA.

  5. Raia must be getting something from being on the NHSA beyond health benefits

    Will he need to return his retirement watch?

  6. It came from Al's interview with himself- he also called the BOE under the control of Teresa Minutillo.

    Al is a Romano fan

  7. Why does any of this sound so unlikely? This blog and MSV exposed that a large portion of the Zimmer Council were hoping to allow Raia's last re-appointment to slip in quietly. It was MSV, Kurt Gardiner and GA who exposed and blew up that shady scheme.
    Bhalla in an effort to stop the outrage tried to slip Assadourian in over Raia as the lesser of two controversies.
    People like Greg Bond and about half a dozen Zimmer allies spoke publicly against Raia and even more shocked at the attempted early reappointment of Assadourian.

    Councilman Bhalla admitted he put Assadourian's name up. 3 of Zimmer's people were for Raia, 1 was for Assadourian. Kurt Came along and saved them from themselves.
    To act as if this is such an outlandish rumor that Raia could be lobbying for a return is deep seated denial.
    It doesn't mean they will do it, and it would be surprising to see Cunningham, Giattino , Fisher, Ramos and DeFusco vote for Raia over Soares- Since they either don't trust Raia or have supported Soares in the Past.

    Zimmer wouldn't support Raia either.
    Politics is filled with Rumors, it's late summer and nobody cares - Al is just trying to be relevant.

    But if people want to guess at the source, all they have to do is look at the poop stirrers at 1200 Washington St.

    1. Hey, as you say it's late summer. No one but the junkies are paying attention and even junkies take vacation!

    2. Thanks for supporting the junky's addiction

    3. I think it is great that more people are allegedly interested in running for these positions.

      While these spots on the NHSA are largely window dressing for the Board with no real power do anything but rubber stamp the plans put in front of them, it would be good to have new blood and to not have the same people in place.

  8. It's amazing that members of the old guard are running for office when they should be running from the law.

  9. Maybe I like the bong, did you ever think about that


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