Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise yesterday
Well folks, it's good to be back?

Yes, it is.

species Tropicalus Flowerus Colorfulus

Can you believe this fellow (below) was unlucky in love?

GA saw him everyday- alone and trying to romance various females with his impressive tail-feather display and sexy cha-cha boogie.  Yes, male peacocks do a dance when they've got a girl cornered.

I hope this handsome devil gets a date, someday.

This pair of ducks was always side by side- the male has the 70's era 'fro.

The elegant heron (bottom) is a solitary bird.

Do not be fooled by their appearance, people.  Flamingos are aggressive birds. Very.  Perhaps nasty.  Do not cross a flamingo.  GA was forced to ref some pretty vicious flamingo-fights.

That little shack on the beach is a bar.  My fave: lemonade slush with rum.

The weather was beautiful all week- but hot, hot, hot.

 As lovely as the week was...

...there is no place like home.


  1. looks beautiful...there may be no place like home, but i wouldn't mind trying to make that place home for awhile. bahamas?

    welcome back, ease into it, don't lose that mellow vacation glow to quickly.


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