SLAPPiversary Tribute

It's hard to believe, folks.

Hoboken's most extensive, expensive modern political operation aimed at silencing online political speech is 4 years old today!

GA dedicates this 4th SLAPPiversary tribute to (in no particular order):
  • Hoboken1653 and NapoleonComplex, two John Doe Defendants who never sought counsel nor get sucked into litigating the abusive, politically-motivated fraud perpetrated by political operatives. These unidentified Does remained on the sidelines as others fought to uphold their First Amendment Rights.  After the SLAPP was dismissed with prejudice, their allegations were not appealed. GAME OVER.  
  • The Paragraph 130 Screen Names thrown into the complaint with ZERO allegations.  You hear that, people?  ZERO.  Ever read Kafka's The Trial?  The main character wakes up one day and finds he's been arrested on unnamed charges, the nature of his crime is never revealed to him (nor to the reader).   So how does one defend him/herself against.... nothing?  
  • My witnesses, some of whom got sucked into the abusive litigation themselves; they were improperly threatened, stalked on Facebook (see top of page),  had their personal photos lifted, were hounded at their jobs or at public meetings, and more.  GA is truly sorry about the vile, unprofessional behavior you were subjected to.  Thank you for stepping up and telling the truth.
  • Kurt Gardiner. xoxo
  • The Wall-Bonds. 
  • Our Friends, online and off, who've supported us.
  • Mike Plumb, my first attorney, whose brilliant work fell on deaf ears.
  • SLAPPees Horse and 'John Doe'.
Last, but not least...
  • Our INCREDIBLE Legal Defense Team.  You know who you are.


  1. We should all be thanking you, GA. You fought them tooth and nail, shut them down and essentially neutered Team Mason. We owe you.

  2. Doesn't sound like a political operative to me. What phone bank volunteer, leaflet distributor, voter registrar doesn't call himself a "wartime consigliere"?

  3. What a Dick !
    It should be remembered that Richard G. Mason, Partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, massive funding of his wife's political ambitions made all the scummy, disgusting fall out possible.


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