Lawsuit News

Folks, there is breaking news in Hoboken's Land of Lawsuits-  and GA doesn't mean the mysteriously-funded S.S. Hindenburg, nor the Liebler one.

No, today's news concerns a lawsuit involving (former Assemblyman) Carmelo Garcia!

Not this one...

HHA email obtained through OPRA request
It's this one- the Hoboken Housing Authority vs. Carmelo Garcia:

Housing Authority v Carmelo Garcia, Docket No. L-1722-16
So, what's the news?

Here it is:

Transferred out of Hudson County Superior Court on July 7.... to...?

Here's more:

Garcia filed for the transfer?   And he "requires" an attorney?

What happened to Zayas?

Maurice Herbert Evans played Dr. Zaius in the 1968 classic, Planet of the Apes

No, NO!  That's Dr. Zaius- not Louis Zayas!  

They're different.  


left: Maurice Herbert Evans as Dr. Zaius, right: former Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's similarly-named attorney playing himself

Anyway, Defendant Garcia appears to be sans attorney, according to the NJ Court Public Access System.

Curious.... why was the case transferred?    Stay tuned.


  1. Dr. Zaius: You are a menace. A walking pestilence.

  2. Too bad NJ doesn't have a loser pays the winner's legal bills type system. That would put an end to this nonsense.

  3. Nice use of the Planet of the Apes reference. This lawsuit is nothing but monkey business.

  4. Why would Garcia ask to change venue?

    1. Maybe he doesn't want it to play out here.

    2. To know Carmelo Garcia is to distrust and dislike him and perhaps he thinks his usual race baiting schemes are played out in his home venue.

    3. Given the jury pool in Hudson County, I'm surprised. It's usually Carmelo friendly.

    4. @Snoopy, maybe zayes and garcia think hudco judges have caught on to their BS and feel they'd get nailed here.


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