BREAKING: Weinberg-Mason Fundraiser Contributions "MISSING" from Sweeney-PAC's ELEC

Wow!  Can you believe it?

The funds raised by NJ Senate Majority Leader  Loretta Weinberg at the June 9, 2016 fundraiser appear to be AWOL from NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney Super-PAC's  July 15 ELEC report!

As reported here, the Super-PAC fundraiser for Sweeney was held at the IRS-registered address  of former Councilwoman Beth Mason's 501(c)3, the Mason Civic League, Inc.

Is the apparent failure to report political contributions raised at the June 9 fundraiser an "oversight" or...  in response to facts exposed here on GA?

According to a source who attended June 9 fundraiser:  "people were saying that [you] were totally wrong. "


That Sweeney's Super-PAC was being holding a fundraiser at the IRS-registered address of a 501(c)3, the Mason Civic League, Inc.?

Wrong that the Mason Civic League reports "less than $50,000 in gross receipts" annually  allowing them to file a non-transparent e-Postcard Tax return?

None of the facts reported by GA were "wrong." 

The Mason Civic League has filed e-Postcard returns from 2010-2015 under the registered address where the June 9 Sweeney fundraiser was held;  during the time period, the Mason Civic League has occupied (2) storefronts (including a community space) on Hoboken's Washington Street and has had paid employees.

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GA represents the interest of the taxpaying PUBLIC.   It is a matter of public interest and public concern that this 501(c)3 is "hiding" its contributions and expenditures behind e-Postcard returns- then  incredibly, a POLITICAL FUNDRAISER is held at its registered address!

These e-Postcard filings HIDE what my taxes (and yours) are subsidizing. Hoboken residents have seen political campaigns and meetings brazenly hosted at the 501(c)3's Washington Street storefront. What other political activities is this 501(c)3 involved in?  Did taxpayers underwrite expenses for Loretta Weinberg's Super-PAC fundraiser?  

It is impossible to know when this "charity" files e-Postcard tax returns.

Worse, when this blog gave Weinberg a heads-up, the show went on  anyway. 

GA wanted to see how much money was raised on June 9, and WHO the donors were, so I checked the July 15 NJ-ELEC filing for  New Jerseyans for a Better Tomorrow.

Can you find them?


  1. Is it possible they didn't raise a penny?

  2. Big donors like Dem Committeeman Matt Calicchio and Mason Civic League Treasurer James Barracato were there, which means at least 2 pennies were raised. Treasurer Barracato can prove that 5o13c money was not used for the Weinberg fundraiser by filing a 990 long form tax return for 2016. Got something to hide?

  3. I think Weinberg was spooked by the shady postcard tax reporting.

  4. OPPS !...I did it again

    Britney Spears

  5. These assholes deserve each other, and deserve a loss of humiliatingly epic proportions at the next election.


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