It's funny how much good press a boy scout can get about being a boy scout, but nothing when he funds a PAC that breaks NJ ELEC law on political contribution limits.

Lucky that GA can swim, because a mud-slide paid for by "Real Democrats for Hoboken" buried my Ward one week before Election Day.


Did you know, Mr. and Mrs. Boy Scout's 501(c)3 will pay for your wake and burial?

Mr. and Mrs. Boy Scout paid for Jen Giattino's burial in the mud slide.

Luckily Jen can swim, too.

Instead, Mr. and Mrs. Boy Scout's mud-slide buried Giattino's opponent.


Curiously, the in-kind contribution to Giattino's opponent was not filed with his campaign.

Was it because the in-kind contribution was an unkind contribution?
Boy Scout Oath or Promise

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.


  1. Silly little Hoboken people, don't you understand by now that that Mrs. Richard G. Mason does not have to the follow the same rules as you do.

  2. This is a fascinating piece of investigative journalism. I can't believe people aren't commenting?!

  3. Great reporting, GA. The Masons act in a disgraceful manner, made worse by their hypocritical moves to cover their tracks by pretending to be such upstanding citizens.

  4. GA, where is the campaign contribution violation? Unless I'm mistaken your own reporting doesn't show either of the Masons violating it.

    1. See paragraph 1: I wrote the Boy Scout funded the "PAC that breaks NJ ELEC law on political contribution limits."

      Which it did. Word on the street was that Mason's longtime political operative (hint: fins and gills) was running Carmelo's campaign. Don't bother checking Carmelo's ELECs. He has to-date reported ZERO in kind contributions- which would include the loan of her fish.

      Now, I know you are being cute. So I will ask you: who funded the PAC that sent 4 anti-Giattino mailers around my Ward one week before election day?


    2. I'm not being cute, you have a giant picture of the mason each giving to the Real Democrats and claim they went over a donation limit. Does that graphic support your claim?

    3. Sure you are.

      1-Did the Mason's give $11.2K to "Real Democrats for Hoboken" on 10-28-2015 for "direct mail"?
      Answer: YES

      2-Did 4 full-color mailers attacking Jen Giattino with "Paid for by Real Democrats for Hoboken" blanket Ward 6 on Oct 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2015?
      Answer: YES

      3- Did GA receive these attack mailers?
      Answer- Yes, I live in the 6th Ward of Hoboken. I have all four mailers in my possession.

      4- When was ELECTION Day?
      Answer: November 3, 2015.

      5- "Real Democrats for Hoboken" $11.2K (given by the Masons) spent on "direct mail" attacking Jen Giattino exceed the $8,200 contribution limit for a campaign?

      7- Did Carmelo Garcia claim ANY in-kind contributions from any individual, committee, PAC, or entity of any kind- inluding but not limited to "Real Democrats for Hoboken"?

      Those are my verifiable "claims" a.k.a. "fact."

      The satirical graphic is FAIR COMMENT protected by the First Amendment and the NJ Constitution, supports the above verifiable facts.

      You are trying very hard to twist my words. FAIL.

    4. So you're agree that the Mason's didn't give more than the legal limit to the Real Democrats.

      Also do you have information that shows the four mailers you point to cost more than 8,200 to produce and mail?

    5. Oh, boy. The (Masons') in-kind declaration, $11.2K to "Real Democrats of Hoboken" is the monetary value of their "direct mail" contribution. That is your answer.

      Time to hang it up, Perry Mason.

    6. I guess when you can't pound on the facts you find something else to do. Good luck GA, I'm sure the choir is suitable impressed.

  5. "We paid 11.2K for a funeral but the bitch wouldn't die!" signed Real Democrats for Hoboken Treasurer Ines Garcia Keim. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


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