The Crapademic Strikes Again

Anthony Petrosino's latest crapademic attack on Hoboken High School: rigged chart

Welcome to another excretion by the Dark Side's most prolific propagandist, University of Austin Professor and "education" blogger  Anthony "Curious Gal" Petrosino.

For folks who are unfamiliar with "Dr. Petrosino's Education Project" the blog purports to be "Dr. Petrosino's perspective on education at the local, state and national levels."  Um, no...

"Dr. Petrosino's Education Project" has its cross-hairs on Hoboken.

Yes, under the pretense of academia, the former Hoboken Assistant to Superintendent Jack Raslowsky blogs from Austin to influence Hoboken School Board elections by relentlessly attacking the Hoboken School District and Kids First/Reach Higher Trustees.

One weapon of choice seems to be the Crapademic Chart. 

Oh, those charts!  Cooked to perfection. Like a chef preparing a stew, Petrosino picks data, washes off the inconvenient truths, spins and chops it up, garnishes it with bars, stars and clovers. A Crapademic Chart is born!

In fact, "Dr. Petrosino's Education Project" is a crapademic-stew seasoned with the occasional posting of actual academic research that Hyde does when he's Jekyll.    This way, the real academic piece sits atop his crapademic pile for awhile... did everybody see it? Then he goes back to battering the Hoboken district with more crapademic postings...

Like yesterday's excretion:

And don't forget the CHART (see top of page.)

The "data: NJDOE" that Petrosino sources is a spreadsheet " 2015 Adjusted Cohort 4 year Graduation Rates (Excel)"-  you can download it HERE.

Petrosino's pulled his chart recipe straight from the Crapademic's Cookbook.   The chart
(1) omitted  Hudson County school districts with lower graduation rates than Hoboken's
2)  ignored the impact of poverty on graduation rate.   Petrosino invoked a false "apples-to apples" comparison where Hoboken- with it's high percentage of economically disadvantaged children compared unfavorably districts (and a state average) that had fewer economically disadvantaged children

The intellectual dishonesty of such a "chart" is amazing- and it's conclusion that Hoboken's slightly lower graduation rate than the state's average is the fault of "Kids First/Reach Higher."

Petrosino reported the 2015 state average graduation rate was 89.67%  and Hoboken's was 83.3%- 6.3% below the state's average... while the Crapademic excluded the data that 29% of state graduates were "economically disadvantaged," versus 66.3% of  economically disadvantaged" Hoboken graduates  "

What a piece of CRAP(ademia)!

GA to the rescue!

I fixed  the crapdemic chart by adding the omitted districts:  Jersey City, Bayonne, West New York, Kearny and North Bergen.  and showing a (gray) bar to represent % of economically disadvantaged  graduates.

Hard to read? Click on this:
 click chart to read 

See what I mean, people?

Except for Union City, an outlier, the original Crapademic chart compares Hoboken (unfavorably) against districts with markedly lower proportions of economically disadvantaged graduates. 

The original Crapademic chart omits the districts with percentages of economically-disadvantaged similar to Hoboken's.

 Another day, another rigged Crapademic blog post to hurt he Hoboken school district.  

Aren't  there any schools in Austin he can play with?  


  1. The Bayonne data looks similar to Hobokens. It's clear from this sampling that schools graduating the lowest percentage of kids in poverty have the highest graduation rates.

  2. Nice. Doosh leaves out the districts with the highest rate of poor graduates to attack the district with a high rate (66%) of poor graduates.

  3. Anthony Petrocino's purposeful misinformation about the public school district is pure and evil malicious hatred of all things related to the district that axed him from his cushy job!! He sued the district and he lost! They countered and won a judgement against him!! And the district without him is doing so much better and he can't bear that fact!! Sour Grapes!!

  4. Dr. Petrosino, is this what you have come to? You’re in the twilight of your career. You’ve spent years acquiring your advanced degrees, garnering respected competence. You truly conclude your entire working life by shitting on disadvantaged children? This is what you’ve become? This is your end game? This is it? It’s incredibly sad you’re compelled to beat your war drum against the Hoboken Board of Education. Why? Because they REJECTED YOU. Yes, they CANCELED YOUR CONTRACT. You didn’t pass muster with the administration and with good reason. How incredibly arrogant to think you’re so highly esteemed that you could lead a NJ school district while warming a chair in Texas. It didn’t take much for parents to discover your little ruse. You were caught. Laughably, you had the chutzpah to sue. It was amusing because you LOST and had to pay the district back. You’re a colossal loser. You are a pitiful coward to disallow comments on your phony blog. You won’t encourage differences of opinion, little Kim Jong-Un. You create and embrace pseudoscience. What absence of character you possess to post a blog presenting skewed and manipulated data designed to hurt CHILDREN. Disadvantaged children and their teachers. I can’t wrap my head around that you’d waste so much of your life building your education and career to apply it in such a despicable way. Fuck you, sir.

  5. Shitting on poor kids is right!!!! My son talks about the terrible things Mr. Petrisino says about his school Hoboken High. Makes him feel really low. I tell him Mr. Petrisino is just a bitter angry man. But my son feels depressed about the things Mr.Petrisino says about his school. So do his classmates.

  6. County Prep and High Tech High SELECT their students, Petro. Skew data much? You are an artist who works with shit as your medium.

    1. Preach. Prep and Tech kids who do not perform are sent back to their districts. This man is an evil shit head. Jersey City had too many poor kids for his chart? Not so many poor kids in his dual language charter. Is that why he shits on the Hoboken district?

  7. Disregarding disadvantaged kids and cooking the numbers. Hey, he's nothing if not consistent.

  8. Anthony Petrosino worked on the curriculum for Hola when he was the Asst. TO the Superintendent of the Hoboken Bd of Ed. Now he sits as a Bd Member on Hola's Board. How can the decent Hola parents turn a blind eye to the writings of this hateful ugly man?? They need to remove him from their board if they want to live what they preach..... Peace!!

  9. Such an angry, bitter little man. It wasn't just that he lost his job at the BOE, it was that he lost his job at the BOE because of the "Mom's". They didn't appreciate his giant brain, winning personality and ability to juggle two full time jobs from across the county. Silly little women. And now there is another woman. That darn Dr. Johnson, who has done more for the kids in 6 months than he could accomplish with his BFF Jack in 3yrs.

    Considering his involvement in the last election and the flood of VBM for Brit and Madigan, I would look for more of the same next November.

    Crush. Kill. Destroy. He will not stop until he is avenged and recognized for his big, tall genius. Who cares about the kids? Not him. That is MY OPINION.

  10. He must be an avid reader of GA. He updated his crap. But there isn't a euphemism for updated crap. Or he'd be using it.

    1. You must be smoking the good stuff! Ga- why don't you show the bottom feeder how often he logs onto your site from Texas. Remember, like the FBI, you can always photo shop it.

    2. You're right, Catfish!

      He re-wrote his post and inserted a NEW chart of 2015 data with poverty data included- he excluded High Tech and County and added McNair, with (another one of his crapademic tricks) a right-side axis of numbers referencing other data (enrollment). The new enrollment data shows how on the ORIGINAL Crapademic graph, he called Union City (graduation # 660 +/-) and Hoboken (graduation #80) "comparable." All the overlay of data is crapademic methodology to confuse the layperson so the crapademic can spin his narrative.

      He also added a SECOND crapademic chart referencing 2010 data, with such an overlay of information- and (2) Y-axes with different numbers of left and right sides. It doesn't enlarge either, so good luck reading it.

      Oh yeah, he actually wrote this:

      "It is also worth noting that the economically disadvantaged rate in the Hoboken schools is only around 45% in the early grades (K-3) and rises continually after as non-poverty families with options exercise them."

      Ummm... it was HIS article about GRADUATION RATES and omitting any poverty factor impacting GRADUATION RATES-- NOT "K-3."

      And he refers to "Psychology Today" to for a "summary" of the impact of poverty on graduation rates. Really? That's his "academic" resource?

      How about an education policy center of academics, educators and research on the subject, like the Urban Institute?
      Longer durations of poverty as a child are
      associated with a greater likelihood of high school noncompletion and teen premarital childbearing.

      Oh yeah, no one called Hoboken schools "poor" either. Crapadumbass.

  11. Would Dr. Anthony Petrosino ever gotten hired if it wasn't for his best boy hood friends who ran the district and hired him for a position he was highly unqualified for?

  12. Nope.

    and his boy hood friend Jack would have never gotten the job either without the help of HIS buddies sitting on the BOE back then like carmelo, frank, Stick and fran. funny how that works.

  13. Sorry, if he was the genius he thinks he is he would allow comments. IMHO, Pu$$y move to crap on the kids in the schools and not allow discussion.

  14. He is just mad that his ride on the gravy train is over and a bunch of reformers are doing a better job running the BOE than he and his cronies ever could.

  15. I don't have skin in the game (aside from being a Hoboken taxpayer), but this Petro guys kind of creeps me out. He lives in Texas, hasn't lived in Hoboken for years, yet continually blogs about Hoboken schools? WTF? It comes off like an unhealthy fixation, or obsession. Dude needs to get a life, or maybe some help.

  16. He is such a desperate loser.

  17. Doesn't this loser have a sister that's a teacher in the district? Wonder what she thinks of his malicious hatred towards her district and her students??

    1. Don't know, but I wouldn't hold his siblings responsible. Every family tree has at least one rotten apple.

  18. GA - what do the statistics look like for the past couple of years? Are graduation rates for Hoboken improving? I have seen a number of measures that are showing the overall improvement of the schools - most recently I saw on FB that the amount in academic scholarships for graduating seniors has more than doubled from $1.7 million in 2015 to over $4 million in 2016. This is fantastic! It is a shame that Petrosino is making such an effort to find and selectively highlight ratios out of context for the sole purpose of making Hoboken schools and its governing body look bad. I guess this is no different than all of the OG across the entire town... I guess they are just trying to find ways to be relevant. It is only a matter of time - and a short one at that - that the OG becomes completely irrelevant...


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