Puzzle Pieces

GA needs your help!

 Can anyone put these 5 puzzle pieces together?


Here is a NJ Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services Business Status report for Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC dated- today!

According to the report,  Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC's business charter was suspended on November 16, 2012.  It's current charter status is "REVOKED for not filing annual report for 2 consecutive years." In fact,   Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC's charter with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury was revoked in 2012.   Putting it simply, since 2012 this company has been "off the books."


On February 5, 2015, the Principal/Agent of Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC, Elizabeth Mason, testified under oath at Plaintiff Lane Bajardi's trial in Jersey City.

Under oath, Mason testified:
"I have a company, Newton Lau [sp] Leonard & Locke" and that company has employees "now."


Hoboken elected officials are required to file a Financial Disclosure Report. The  2014 Financial Disclosure Statement, Section II-A, Councilwoman Elizabeth Mason lists Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC as a  "source of income... in excess of $2,000."   On Financial Disclosure Report Section II-D, she reports an interest in (only) two business entities,Newton Lao Leonard & Locke, LLC and Cooper Place, LLC. 


GA is totally confused!   I am a layperson, not a financial expert!  I pay an accountant to figure out my taxes.  None of this makes sense to me.

I have so many questions.

Can an LLC still operate as a business after their charter is revoked?   Is it "invisible" to the state? How does it report revenue to the state and federal government?  How does it report payroll, and  how do employees report income? 


Here is a NJ Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services Business Status report for Mason Civic League, Inc. dated- today!

The Mason Civic League is a non-profit corporation. The current status is "active."   There are (3) Principals to this non-profit corporation: President Beth Mason,  Treasurer Ricky Mason and Treasurer James Barracato.

The Mason Civic League, Inc, has TWO Treasurers. 

Treasurer James Barracato, a Weekhawken resident,  reports his address is 1200 Washington Street in Hoboken.   

Why two Treasurers- does one put money in and the other take it out?


On February 8, 2012,  Lane Bajardi sent an email to  Treasurer James Barracato. Bajardi attached a document, Attorney Intro.doc, and wrote:

"If this  isn't enough to sue somebody I don't know what is... I realize going with an attorney who Ricky and Beth are comfortable with is key." 

Now, those are a couple of puzzle pieces. Maybe they complete more than one puzzle.

As a Hoboken taxpayer subsidizing the Mason Civic League, Inc. non-profit corporation, and a SLAPP suit Defendant, GA wants to solve puzzles.

The public is allowed to access IRS 990 tax returns for 501(c)3 non-profits- that is why the public cannot see the deposits of money into, and expenditures out of the Mason Civic League, Inc.

The Mason Civic League, Inc has filed IRS e-Postcard Forms since 2010.

Maybe that's another puzzle piece. 


  1. Treasurer Finboy run amok with The Checkbook.

  2. Oh, the story a few well-placed subpoenas could tell. Wire transfers in? Enter the Bagman.

    1. Enter the Bagman

      Say your prayers guppy
      Don't forget
      To include everyone

      Tuck you in, warm within
      You can't hide your sin
      Till the bag man he comes

      Sleep with one eye open
      Gripping your SLAPP suit tight

      Exit, light
      Enter, night
      Take my envelope
      We're off to SLAPP back land

  3. Hector Torres JunyaApril 27, 2016 at 4:40 PM

    My dad was a bookkeeper but I don't think what is going on here is all kosher?

  4. Makes you wonder if the charity was purposed for shady operations.

  5. I have never heard of a non profit board seating two Treasurers. Definitely a red flag.

  6. Could the Civic League have laundered SLAPP money?

  7. Crime meets cover up. An old story, and the beginning of the end in most cases.

  8. I like how Newton is listed in Lyndhurst and then, after its charter is revoked, magically reappears at 1200 Washington. Things that make you go hmm....

  9. 2 treasurers and yet so little money moving that they continually file via postcard?

    Stinks to high heaven.

    1. ha, exactly, dang! why do they need two treasurers when they don't do enough to get beyond postcard filings. super suspicious, can't wait to read al sullivan's investigation. ;)


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