Omitting Accomplishments in the Hoboken Public Schools

GA respects works of authentic scholarship written by the eminently qualified Dr Jekyll.

Dr. Jekyll is well-educated and accomplished enough in his field to have been invited to speak at various universities such as Carmelo Garcia's alma mater, Harvard.  You know, Jekyll is fluent in mumbo-jumbo, the high-falutin' jargon of the academic world.  

It's Mr. Hyde who shapes D-J's high-falutin' jargon into machetes to throw at the Hoboken School District and its Board members.  GA calls the destructive projectiles  'crapademia.'

Whack! Whack! Whack!  Chop! Chop! Chop! 

When the naughty Hyde gets busted for truth-chopping, the erudite Dr. Jekyll steps in to change the subject; he'll publish genuine academic filler on  "Dr. Jekyll's Education Project."  Recently, he changed the subject from a Hyde hit piece by writing about his accomplishments in the Hoboken Public Schools.

Unfortunately, Dr. Jekyll omitted his most lucrative accomplishments!

For example, there's the 'double-employment' accomplishment and working  nearly 2 years without a contract accomplishment.

Not a peep about those!

Starting with the "double employment" accomplishment...

A full-time job paying $140,000 (base salary) with the Hoboken School District from 2007-2009 is an accomplishment...

"2008-2009  Administrative Contracts" 

...while teaching classes in Austin, Texas!

 Exhibit, Anthony Petrosino v Hoboken Board of Education , Docket L-5230-09

 Exhibit, Anthony Petrosino v Hoboken Board of Education , Docket L-5230-09

What an accomplishment!

The Austin payroll which overlapped the Hoboken employment [in yellow] totals $58,378.

And even more accomplishments:  no employment contract for the Hoboken job until April 7, 2009!

Deposition of A. Petrosino, Anthony Petrosino v Hoboken Board of Education , Docket L-5230-09

The late arrival was signed and dated by Hoboken School Board President Frances Rhodes-Kearns on April 7, 2009.  Better late than never?

Don't miss ONE MORE accomplishment buried in that contract.

How MANY professional days may be "devoted to duties as a Professor in Austin, Texas as approved by the Superintendent" (after-the-fact)?



  1. What you want details in a written old Hoboken employment contract ?


    It didn't say, because they didn't want to know and they needed wiggle room if anyone got curious and dared to ask. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

  2. Those were the good ole days. Big fat jobs for friends with no contracts. Then Petrosino got one all of a sudden. Because Raslowsky resigned or Kids First won (Ruth, Maureen and Theresa) got a majority?

  3. It's a job application. It should be obvious to everyone right now where Petro sees the fall election ending. He wants his job back.

  4. Also note the non renewal claus: non renewal notice is illegal in one year public service contract. Worse they signed the contract less than 90 days before the contract ended and put in a 120 non renewal notice.

  5. He's got ZERO chance of getting back in the district after all that trash talk.

    1. Tell me which person you're trusting to care:


      Or one of the 2 dirtbags whose seats will be bought for them?

  6. kidding right? I believe he has 100% chance of getting back in and that is probably the plan.

    Anyone think it was an accident that they got John Madigan or Brit elected? A disgruntled ex employee with no kids in the district and a someone who has never stepped foot in the schools and is interested in holding any elected office? Both with ZERO interest or involvement in the schools.

    Petrocino did Madigan a solid all those years ago when he hired him and maybe now Madigan will return the favor.

    The Superintendent services at the pleasure of the Board. With a full majority, my guess, they could edge the new one out to make room for Petrocino.

    Just a guess. Maybe Petrocino just supported Madigan, Peter and Brit because he believes they were steller, dedicated candidates. yeah. maybe.

  7. More good news on the Petrosino front!

    In addition to posting his resume for the job he hopes to get this fall after the "totally fair, nothing to see here, move along, everyone, what vbms?" election we can expect to see this fall...

    Petro has now added a letter of recommendation to be reviewed by the hiring committee, a few of whom just need to wait until their seats are bought for them in November so they can vote on his appointment.........


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