NJ Senator Stephen Sweeney on masoncivic.org

 There he is, South Jersey's Senate President Sweeney 
Look!  There's NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney posing with Beth Mason, on the home page of masoncivic.org,!

Why shouldn't Sweeney lend his support to the Mason Civic League?  There could be a Sweeney fundraiser in it for him at 1200 Washington- you never know.

Speaking of 1200 Washington Street, home of the taxpayer-subsidized Mason Civic League...

Did you know, the IRS permits 'small' 501(c)3 charitable organizations ($50,000 or less in annual gross receipts) to file a an "e-Postcard" federal tax return?

e-Postcard returns allow small charities to circumvent filing IRS 990 'long form'.
The IRS 990 'long form' is detailed, through and transparent: a line item reporting of the charity's income and expenses; amounts of money in and from where (program service revenue, investment income, contributions, grants, other revenue), how monies were spent, the charity's total assets and total liabilities, the structure and staff of the organization: number of individuals employed, salaries, compensation, employees benefits, and so on.

You can see what GA means- here is a completed copy of an IRS 990 Form executed for a large charitable organization.

This is what an e-Postcard filing looks like:

That's the whole thing!  Can you believe it?

Well, GA has a question (or two) about this e-Postcard filed for the 2014 Tax Year.

Why is the "mailing address" provided to the IRS for Mason Civic League different from its advertised address-- the 1200 Washington Street storefront that 'hosts' the Mason Civic League?

Why is the "mailing address" provided to the IRS for Mason Civic League different from the address published on its own web site?   


This is the current listing on NJ Directory of Registered Charities for the Mason Civic League. 

For "income" the Charity does NOT show the  in-kind contribution' of the 1200 Washington Street space.   The value of the RENT is "income" which GA believes should be filed as "Other Support."
GA estimates the rent for 1200 Washington is approximately $3000-$4000/month. 

What would most likely happen if the rental contribution of  the 1200 Washington Street space were added as 'income' to the Mason Civic League?  

No  more e-Postcard filings.  The 501(c)3 would submit an IRS 990 (or 990-EZ) Return (like the Boy Scouts of America Greater New York Councils). 

Maybe that's why the IRS hasn't been provided with the "charitable organization's" 1200 Washington Street address? 


  1. The millionairess had to answer 5 questions and I had to pay an accountant $450? Wtf?

  2. Beth sticking a finger in Fulop's eye. Again.

    1. Me thinks it is more about Beth needing to be given a nice title by someone after repeatedly failing in Hoboken and having a rich husband who can pick up the tab.

    2. Might be cheaper to buy a deserted town in Nevada that she can be mayor of. Would be easy if she and her hubby were the only residents. No opposition.

  3. Let's not quibble about how much of a douchess she is.

    Let's all agree she's royal in one aspect: a royal asshole.

  4. Total expenses = 35k? That wouldn't even cover the rent on the three storefronts at 1200 Washington.

    Among other things, the Masons flout ELEC laws and now they play fast and loose with the IRS. Wow. Sweeney and the BSA really did not practice due diligence.

    1. Charity too lazy and dishonest to file a long form or money laundering operation fronted by a charity. Either way "playing fast and loose with the IRS" applies.

  5. What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.


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