Mason wants to bury you

Hoboken residents...

Bring out your dead!  

Beth Mason's 501(c)3 wants to help you plant them!

This is not a joke.  From a reader:

These were handed out at a recent community event.... creepy and desperate. She had banners and a full table handing out newsletters and people walking around handing out glow necklaces and glow sticks attached to these flyers. Full color back page of program too. So in your face.  Gross. ... funeral costs????  She stopped by later for people to thank her. The banners were on two sides of the room... maybe 3 x 5 feet. She is waaaay over the top. Especially for a "charitable" organization.  Tammany Hall politics at its most cynical. So gross.  

Funerals and glow-sticks: perfect together

Beth Mason's 501(c)3 promises to "help you with funeral costs so [you] can give loved ones a proper burial"- not the kind Mason usually attempts on the living.

Her funeral offer comes with a glow stick...  To light the way across the River Styx?

The flier boasts that Mason provided "food... during Sandy".  What food group are "Dunkin Donuts?"   

The people want bread? Let them eat cake!

Feeding the hungry, one donut at a time. 
Let's not forget  "Hudson County Recovers  the Beth Mason  "charity" for largely unscathed Hudson County, founded in the shadow of national accolades for Mayor Zimmer's  post-Sandy response.

Like many at the time, GA figured the web-based  "Hudson County Recovers"was a stunt to buy influence at the County level; it was rumored Mason had hoped to replace  Hudson County Executive  Tom DeGise.  

The stunt backfired.

On Thursday, December 20, 2012.  "Hudson County Recovers" held a fundraiser in Secaucus at La Reggia restaurant; tickets were $300 per person.  A full table was reserved for "media."  Well... Hudson County public officials stayed away, media stayed away,  anyone of significance in the Hudson County political world stayed away.  Few, if any, tickets were sold.  In order to fill empty chairs, the charity posted invitations on the doors in senior buildings, promising seniors a free meal and transportation by bus.

GA's friend, Jimmy (R.I.P.), reported the following:

"bringing cold pizza with voter reg forms"
$25,000  "raised" was quietly awarded on April 25, 2013 in a ceremony acknowledged on Facebook.

What's the point of all this, you ask?

Well, GA's Earwitness Rumor: Reputation Rehab? appears to have been spot-on.

There's a full throttle Beth Mason campaign of re-invention going on to win back the people-- up to and including freebie funerals!    All hail, Evita of the Underworld!

It's fascinating.

No, no, GA is not a meanie.  Folks need to understand what comes with a Beth Mason gift- even a funeral.

Folks who take her money are subject to the carnival of self-promotion that accompanies any Mason act of giving, including but not limited to: photos, fliers, press releases, newspaper articles, mailers, social media, bracelets that say "Mason Civic League" and glow-sticks.  

If that's okay with you, have at it.

Giving out "Mason Civic League" orange bracelets with Halloween candy.


  1. Looks to me like someone needed help paying for this, the "civic" league pitched in, and upon needing some accomplishments for this mailer, that made the cut. Makes you wonder how many people outside of her inner circle have received any help at all from her.

  2. The hilariously inappropriate Beth Mason strikes again.

  3. Too bad she can't give a decent burial to her failed political career and public persona, but her narcissistic personality disorder will not allow her to retreat.

  4. WTF is with the glow stick? Is there a Mason Civic rave?

  5. Just a random thought that all this might be a way to justify the Masons claiming their political organization is a tax-deductible charity to the IRS.

    1. That's a good random thought. One unintended consequence of this conspicuous giving may be she bumps up from the EZ IRS form (below $50,000 in gross receipts) to the LONG form. IMO she should have been filing it long ago- just her annual rent roll on WashSt. was probably close to that limit. Now she rents a 12th Street (new) storefront. She's going to have to report every penny in and out.

  6. If that is the case, I guess that making a fool out of yourself is better than running afoul of the IRS.

    1. Being able to write off all your expenses for your own "Civic Association" that employs your lackeys and promotes your political ambitions on your taxes, sounds like something that would appeal to a morally corrupt person.

  7. From the first paragraph of the flier: "...making the Mason Civic League their last possible hope". In other words, the last resort.

    They got that part correct; no one in their right mind would ask for help from the Masons if they had any other choice.


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