Crapademic crack-up

He's ba-a-a-a-ck....

Ever hear of a Texas Twister?

There's the kind that can rip off a roof...

Then there's the kind that spins internet-cow patties at 200 mph.

Well, better watch out 'cause a tornado of graphs, data, and bullshit just blew in from Austin, Texas!

Yes, ANOTHER  moronic manifesto has been excreted.

Only this rambling, incoherent mess is a Texas-sized crack-up SEVEN crapademic graphs, NINE "peer-reviewed" references, mumbo-jumbo mixed with political spin, a vintage lament over Paula OHaus, (never heard of Danielle Miller?), and more circa-2010 talking points that fell out of a dusty time machine.

In short: a frantic, nutty effort to patch up a quick-sinking S.S. Crapademic.

GA sank that ship  last Friday by (simply) pointing out omissions from the Crapademic's "graph" which purported to compare Hudson County districts' graduation rates with the NJ state average.

So what did Count Crapula do?

He excluded districts with lower grad rates than Hoboken's, and omitted the "economically disadvantaged" as a factor impacting graduation rate. (Which GA pointed out very politely.)

Hence, this weekend's Crapademic crack-up, edited by Count Crapula several times over the weekend.

Did I mention this crapademic excretion listed NINE Academic and Peer Peviewed Sources "used in part or in whole in the preparation of the post" ?

Any academic knows when publishing other people's research "in part or in whole " it is a matter of ethics to footnote the "part(s) or the whole" of other people's work you publish. 

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WOW... just imagine.

Let's say you were a Crapademic. A real hack.

Let's say you lived in a state that had a lot of cows.

Let's say you left a school district in shambles after a Board Majority canned you and/or failed to renew your contract, after which you sued and lost.

Let's say you became so disgruntled that you would jeopardize your real academic life for the fake one-- where you excrete crapademic dung by the cyber-barrel.

Let's say that your crapademic dung fertilizes 2 or 3 members of the current Hoboken School Board.

Let's say you fertilize them with dung from your "education blog," in order to grow an election platform in order to remove the School Board members (or faction) who canned your sorry ass in 2009...

Can you imagine that?


  1. Believe me, at this point no Hoboken parent (or taxpayer) cares about what this guy posts, in the least. He's widely known around town as a disgruntled former/canned employee, Puppie's pal and wannabe OG spinmeister stooge.

    Thanks again for exposing him, GA.

  2. Petro is writing their material. Recall Biancamano's live motion? Petro's on the HoLa Board (amazing). IMO he wants to come back to Hoboken, thats the reason he has to get rid of KF/RH and get more friends on the board... for a J-O-B.

  3. With a guy like that on HoLa's board, don't be surprised to find all the graduates of HoLa turn out to be morons who barely can order a glass of water in Spanish much less English. That school needs to find some semi-competent board members.

  4. Someone's hissy fit has gone to Level 3.

    Since 2010 and under the joint leadership of the "Kids First/Reach Higher Hoboken!" majority on the Board of Education, Hoboken High School has yet to achieve a graduation rate above the NJ state average and consistently ranks in the lower quartile in Hudson County. In 2008 under our leadership, HHS was declared the 2nd most improved high school in NJ by NJ Monthly and was a consecutive Bronze Medal Award winner by US News and World Report.

    Seriously, Petro? You're selling 2008?

    You're selling YOUR leadership? Ya mean like this, this, this, and this?

    Is there no correlation in your mind, where clearly tribalism is and will always be more important than ethics, between what you call "leadership" and the duties of your office? Apparently not. Your "leadership" amounts to doing nothing more than putting lipstick on the other pigs at the trough. You've taken all life has given you and decided to use it to be nothing more than the propagandist for grifters. Congratulations. It will make for a nice epitaph.

  5. I notice he doesnt compare his graduation rate "tenure"

    Its always what he leaves out that is most telling.
    page 4 of 11

    1. It is interesting how he glosses over the complete failure at the BOE he was an overpaid part of. Personally I think it is sour grapes. Once he and his buddies were kicked to the curb and reforms started running the schools, the schools got better. All he is doing is trying to trash that improvement and pretend it isn't happening. He just can't face the fact that he and his buddies were failures and the BOE is better off without them. Hell, every school system and school is probably better off without them.

  6. Nobody pays attention to Petrosino in Texas except for a couple of lonely bloggers here in Hoboken. Sad fact.

    1. No one cares what people in Texas think. The fact is these people are 2 seats away from bringing back the nightmare that was the BOE under Team Petro. And they can buy those seats in November like they did last year.

      But by all means focus on the "lonely bloggers" aspect.

    2. It's not often we get someone who can speak with confidence for the entire state if Texas. It's quite an honor.


  7. Petrosino was a failure, Raslowsky was a failure. To Raslowsky's credit, he has moved on. Never hear a peep from the guy. Petrosino, on the other hand is #1 propagandist for attacks on the Hoboken Board District coordinated with political allies on the BOE and HoLa. That's to you, idiot Anon at 8:30.

  8. DangCatfish is right. This upcoming election is probably one of the most important we will see in Hoboken. We should all be focusing on what needs to be done to ensure Team Petro does not take back the BOE. This should be all of our focus. We need to leverage the Presidential election turn out to our benefit. OG numbers are declining overall, but it takes volumes of traditionally non-local voters to turn out and pull the lever for the right BOE candidates. Less than 7 months to plan for this...

  9. Mr. Raslowsky attended his pal John Madigan's BOE swearing in this past January. Don't kid yourself - they're all waiting in the wings with hopes for the gravy train to start back up!

    1. Why would HoLa want him on their board when he lives in Texas, why aren't charter school boards elected since they use public funds, and how did Raslowsky get a job at Xavier with his reputation?

    2. Good questions, 11:43. Charter board elections should be public. It's absurd they aren't.

    3. Why would that taxpayer funded school that was set up purely so their kids could go to school for "free" and not have to mingle with the free lunch crowd want their board elections public? Those snotty little shiezolas have no interest in good governance or well managed schools that operate under public scrutiny. That is the whole reason they willfully got in bed with the people they got in bed with.

  10. This guy lives in Texas, is that correct? And he swore under oath that he used to log into Hoboken patch under a woman's user name to talk about Hoboken politics every day, is that correct?

    Who or what runs HOLA that would put this guy on their board? As long as they have this guy involved how can anyone take them seriously?

    1. It would take a hell of a lot more than removing him to get me to take HoLa seriously. Petro is the least of their problems IMO.


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