Campos 2010 civil suit filed in Southern District of New York

Riddle me this...

GA was looking for an update on the Campos story- found none, but stumbled upon an old news article which may not be news to you, but was to me.

In April 2010, attorney Louis Zayas filed a civil complaint on behalf of Councilman Chris Campos over Campos' 2007 DUI arrest.  Campos' suit named Sgt. James Peck of the Hoboken police and New York City police officer Joseph Liotta ; the suit also named  the cities of Hoboken and New York were also named in the suit.  

Zayas filed Campos' civil complaint in the Southern District of New York. reported in April 2010:
Louis Zayas, Campos’ attorney, contends that the police officers conspired to embarrass and discredit Campos as an elected official and that there was no probable cause to believe he was intoxicated. Zayas said the arrest, which led to Campos losing his job as a municipal prosecutor and losing his bid for Council reelection, was a deliberate act that was extremely damaging to his political career. reported in September 2010:  
Judge Jed S. Rakoff dismissed the lawsuit on Aug. 12 “in its entirety with prejudice," in a letter sent to Campos’ attorney Louis Zayas.  The jury trial initially scheduled for Aug. 24 was canceled. 
A couple of thoughts...

GA will assume the 2010 Campos complaint was dismissed by the court because it had no basis in law or fact... which would make it the 2nd civil complaint (that I know of) filed by Louis Zayas which disappeared into the ether.

In 2011, Zayas filed a civil complaint for several Plaintiffs suing the City of Hoboken and Peter Cammarano III for allegedly failing to repay a total of $70,000 in loans and services for Cammarano's 2009 election campaign.   On December 7, 2011 Grafix Avenger published The Curious Cammarano Complaint,  and 3 days later published More Camarrano Complaint Funny Business.   Those posts directly rebutted 'facts' upon which the complaint's allegations were based.  As if responding to GA exposés,  Zayas clarified one "mistake," announcing to the press that he would amend his complaint.    To my knowledge, the complaint went POOF!

(Should GA bother noting Zayas' ticking timebomb filed for Plaintiff Carmelo Garcia slithering through our courts?  When does that one go POOF?  Hey, that is OPINION. Last heard: a GA Earwitness reported that a $2.4 MILLION mediation request by Carmelo Garcia.- half  to be borne by Hoboken taxpayers!)

Well,... next thought.

Six years after suing the City of New York and an NYPD officer  in the Southern District of New York,  United States of America v Julio Alvarez, Christopher Campos, Marco Blasio and Geuris Ramos   was filed in the same jurisdiction: the Southern District of New York.

Many folks have asked, why was the criminal complaint filed in New York?  

In 2007, arresting NYPD officer, Joseph Liotta, had made a "courtesy call" to the Hoboken police department. As reported in
According to a tape recording of the "courtesy call" obtained by The Jersey Journal, a man who identifies himself asked Liotta asks Hoboken Police Sgt. James Peck if Campos should spend the night as "a guest of the city." Peck, who happened to be the desk sergeant on duty at the time, immediately told Liotta to "do your duty" and "enforce the law." 
GA supposes Campos' charges of "conspiracy" between HPD and NYPD officers embarrassed the NYPD;  the arrest had sparked an internal NYPD investigation.

Hoboken residents know the Feds lack the resources to investigate every tip on alleged criminal activity.  

Hoboken residents know the Feds don't prosecute every alleged criminal. Decisions are made who and what to investigate.  

Did Campos put himself "on the radar" six years ago by suing the City of New York and the NYPD?

Who knows?


  1. what a dumbass.

  2. You never know. Why is Louis at the epicenter of so many dooshy complaints?

  3. I found this which shows it was dismissed in 2010.
    Horsey covered the story:

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