Biancamano, Madigan & Montgomery endorse attack on Colleagues?


The disgruntled former Hoboken district employee who flings poo from Austin, Texas at the Hoboken Board members who canned him (or declined to renew his contract in 2009), later sued (he lost and had to pay the BoE) has added new members to "Team Crapademia."

You see, the mad miscreant's latest pile of cyber-dung, lovingly excreted with the pretense of scholarship is called, "2015 Hudson County High School Graduation Rates- Hoboken Falls Below State Average for 5th Consecutive Year Under "Kids First/Reach Higher Hoboken!" Leadership."  

In response to this dung missile, GA handed him his ass.  But, instead of slinking off into the Texas sunset, he's planted his flag in his own crap-heap and is standing his ground... doubling down on Facebook with (political) celebrity endorsements.

Incredibly, the Crapademic Crackpot took his political operative role public by tagging his post "with" sitting Hoboken School Board Trustees, Peter Biancamano, John Madigan and Britney Montgomery.   

Are these three sitting Board members really "with" Count Crapula?

 If so, welcome to "Team Crapademia."

Hoboken Public School Superintendent Christine Johnson may have something to say about  a public endorsement of a false, politically motivated attack by Board Members against fellow Board members.

GA suggests potential Team Crapdemia Board Trustees study New Jersey School Board Association's "Basic Boardmanship" by B. Robert Anderson.

From Chapter 1:

New Jersey School Board Association's "Basic Boardmanship" by B. Robert Anderson 

In my opinion, BoE Trustee Britney Montgomery has a heart and a mind (like anyone who has taught Special Education kids) and is being played by the Dark Side. She'll figure it out... Hope springs eternal!

In the meantime, this is one of Count Crapula's CRAPOLA-graphs "endorsed" by sitting Hoboken district Board members Peter Biancamano, John Madigan and Britney Montgomery.   .


  1. Political operative "I blog as a curious girl" Petrosino outed his whole team on Facebook! Roflmao

  2. What a crew.

    Not sure why you give Brit "call the vote" Montgomery a pass. After only living here a short time, she ran for office multiple times. She knows all about this crew and seems ready, willing and able to do their bidding. Watch the video. She looks right at Peter after calling the vote to see if she did it right. Frankly, I think she is the wort of all. If she does have the brains and heart that the rest of the crew lack, then she knows exactly what she is doing.

    1. No, she doesn't get a pass for what she's done and whatever she may do in the future. Trust me on that. I think I call it as I see it. IMO she's in way over her head with this crew. You said it- shes only been living here a short time.

      Hey listen, I could be wrong.

    2. GA - either she is a scumbag or an idiot, either way it is bad news.

    3. Yesterday's bad news, could be today's and/or tomorrow's. Her choice. Going forward, Boardsmanship matters and how she VOTES matters. Don't care about her personally, its not personal.

      If that "live motion" crap wasn't a BIG wake-up call, and she continues to be a tool for the bad-old-days-grifters who will throw her under the bus the minute she lets daylight come between them, then- that's that.

      "Good" apples turn bad-- some team up with grifters and vote to shut down our hospital (Beth Mason), can it work in reverse?

  3. GA, you tricked this foolish dude into revealing the web of collusion in a public forum. You are on fire!

  4. Good-for-nothing douchebags. It must be worth it for them to try to hurt the school district. None of them have children in the schools, what do they care. Losers.

    1. Thomas Kluepfel currently has no children in a Hoboken school. His youngest graduated in 2014.

    2. Cut the crap Anon @ 12:48. NO ONE has ever hinted or suggested that TK rolls with the douche bags that want their greedy little mitts on the BOE budget. He is eminently qualified to VOLUNTEER his time without the need to try and figure out how to "get" something in return, like a cell phone. And he HAS had children in the system - so blow smoke up someone else's ass.

  5. And that's really what it comes down to: are individuals capable of acting on behalf of the children they are meant to serve or special interest groups. The majority of the BOE trustees take their jobs seriously. GA has exposed that three do not and the obvious conflict of interest they have. And with this post, we know they have the moral support and technical assistance from a disgruntled former BOE employee who contributes to acrimony in our town.

  6. Agreed. Big difference is that Tom cares about the kids.

    Petro only cares about avenging his sore ego from being fired. He unsuccessfully sued for his HBOE job back and lost. I think he even had to PAY BACK the district. Money. Ouch!

    John Madigan is also a disgruntled employee. Let go in the initial clean out of BS jobs and illeagal contracts.

    In my opinion, Biacamano, Madigan and Montgomery don't really have a heartfelt passion or interest in the kids or the schools. All three have run for every office but dog catcher and just happened to luck out during this harvest cycle. How else to explain their doing Petro's bidding and joining in the hate fest?

    Call the vote right?


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