Zimmer Saves Hoboken Taxpayers $1.2 MILLION, Carmelo leaves empty-handed

GA is still reeling from yesterday's Earwitness dispatch...  the jaw-dropping sum of money that Carmelo Garcia wanted to shake from the Hoboken taxpayer's pockets at a recent 'Ethnic Cleansing III' mediation...


Oh wait... that's only half of the taxpayer loot Carmelo Garcia wanted to extricate from our wallets, according to GA's Q-Tipster. The other half is not paid by the City of Hoboken, but with federal dollars, by HUD:


For a Grand TOTAL of:

Wow, just wow.

Hey Louis Z, this post is FAIR comment from a disgusted Hoboken (and federal) TAXPAYER.

My Q-Tipster performed a public service by sharing this attempted taxpayer-mugging with GA!

Imagine, on November 3, 2015 Garcia ran to represent my ward, the 6th Ward, on Hoboken's City Council while seeking to tap the Hoboken taxpayer's wallet for a jackpot.  The public must be protected from electing someone with such disregard for our money.   This is a matter of public interest and public concern.

In my OPINION, the fact that Garcia was running to be my Ward representative while this request for enormous sums of public monies should have been disclosed and frankly upon reflection, why wasn't it made known to the general voting population at the time of the election?  Clearly this is something which reflected upon Garcia's fitness to govern over Hoboken's finances.  In my OPINION, this  matter should have been front and center in the election last November.  GA had no idea this was going on.

Thank you, Q-Tipster!

But the real thanks go to those who, by walking away from the table, PROTECTED the taxpayer from a major league screwing.

Thank you, Mayor Zimmer.

My OPINION: GA hopes the Defendants take this to trial.  The legal issues are entirely different, but maybe the frivolous litigation statutes apply.  GA would like to see the taxpayers refunded the $150,000 they've spent to defend the City so far.

left: Mayor Zimmer protecting the Hoboken taxpayer   right: Carmelo Garcia walked away empty handed

As posted yesterday, my Q-Tipster said Garcia's astronomical damage claims are based on his life expectancy calculations,  the belief he had the right to hold his HHA position for life, and estimated lost income multiplied over his life span!

Aside from Vladamir Putin, what public servant expects employment for life?   (Rhetorical question!)

GA's Q-Tipster also said Garcia is going to re-file his complaint soon ('Ethnic Cleansing IV') with beefed-up racketeering charges! Ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching!  

Oh... what a coincidence... in time for the 2017  mayoral race!  Ka-ching again!


  1. Hector Torres JunyaMarch 23, 2016 at 1:41 PM

    That's our boy Carmelo! He was running scams back in the train track hijack days. People here say Carmelo ratted on his compadres and walked away free as a bird.

    Lot of chatter down here it's not going to work this time. Bye bye Carmelo!

  2. Two thoughts: One, Holy smokes at that post from Campos. I really hope that he takes Carmelo down with him. Two, Carmelo and Ted Cruz look alike based on your cartoon picture. And both resemble Grandpa Munster.

  3. $1.2 million is almost 1% of Hoboken's proposed municipal budget for 2016.

  4. Im grateful for the info. I can't believe this was going on during the last election. I got all kinds of letters and mail from Garcia and he never mentioned anything about this. I live in the 6th Ward. What if he won?

    1. Then he'd be laughing at you and all the fools he scammed who put him into office. It's what he does.


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