Who wants to be a millionaire?

Promising "lower taxes" to voters while he tries to drain Hoboken's Treasury 

GA had a pile of election promises from "Garcia for Hoboken Council" sent to my home prior to the November 3 municipal election.

In fact, Candidate Carmelo Garcia carpet-bombed the entire 6th ward with promises; Letters, cards, mailers- even doorknobs pledged to "lower taxes" in exchange for our vote.

The magnitude of candidate Carmelo Garcia's dishonesty to voters has  been exposed by a Q-Tipster.

Because we now know that while the candidate was promising to "lower taxes" he was coveting $1.2 million of taxpayer money; the price to make his "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit go away.

$1.2 million= 1.12% of  Hoboken's $107 million proposed budget  (2016).

How could Garcia "lower taxes" while he's pocketing $1.2 million of taxpayer money?  

That is a question 6th Ward voters never got to ask because candidate Carmelo Garcia:
(1) never told voters that he was suing the City,
(2) never told the voters he sought damages in the millions,
(3) never allowed voters to consider the inherent conflict between serving on a Legislative body with the people he's suing.
(4) never allowed voters to consider the inherent problems of a councilman working with the Mayor he is suing.

The election may be long over, but 6th Ward voters have just discovered Garcia's depth of dishonesty; he is  (still) suing the Mayor, her husband, and 3 current/former HHA officials, and is asking for a gigantic payday from public monies in an amount which (I believe) threatens Hoboken's fiscal stability.

Indeed, this is a matter of public interest and public concern.


  1. Hoboken taxpayer keep getting hit with double digit increases in the STICK tax from Hudson County thanks to the near nonexistent representation by Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano.

    So why didn't Garcia call out Romano for the tax hikes on Hoboken taxpayers ?

    Romano, Russo, and Garcia have been thick as thieves for years and the scuttlebutt is that they want Stick to be their front man in the next year's election.

  2. "Bought" his home? Ask Laz who worked for him who sold it to Garcia for under 500,000
    Criminal act imho

    1. 400k to be exact, swindled it from a city worker. He'll burn in hell for it.

  3. Since when does he have a problem with no-bid contracts? He handed them out like candy to donors to his assembly campaign.

    Let's cut to the chase. Who is protecting this pos? I don't mean in Hoboken. Who handed him a job he was unqualified to do in Newark the minute he got bounced in Hoboken? Someone is watching his back and letting him live this consequence-free life.

    Who is it?

    1. Word is state senator Ron Rice got him the Newark job. Rice and Carmelo are very close, from The Wire's Assembly days. Don't get the relationship.

    2. uhhh there have been interesting "relationships" in the past

    3. Carmelo is the Chief Real Estate Officer at the Newark Comm Economic redevelopment corp. Not the no show kind. There to deliver deliverables for his benefactor.

    4. But it is Newark. One of the most mismanaged cities in the country. He should fit in just fine there. I firmly believe he is not the only turd in that punch bowl.

  4. How did he afford a condo at Maxwell Place in ADDITION to his brownstone?
    Maybe Campos helped him Finance?

    1. Property tax records show he only has the brownstone. Where did you hear about a Maxwell Place condo?

    2. you think it's not beneath him to use another name or have it in an LLC.
      I also heard he owns a condo there.

    3. I haven't seen anything to substantiate that one, but anything is possible.


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