When the sun comes out

Who let the sunshine in? 

It seems to have disinfected an auditorium.

Last night, the Hoboken District School Board met for the first time since February 9, 2016, when 3 of its Board members schemed in secret with out-of district administrators to spring a "live" motion on their Board colleagues

The 3 scheming Board members were: Peter Biancamano, Britney Montgomery and John Madigan; all are political allies of Anthony "Stick" Romano, Mike Russo and former-Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia. 

The "live" motion was orchestrated to force a vote without discussion on the matter of withdrawing the District's appeal against the NJ-DoE/ HoLa.   In the audience to witness the vote were HoLa administrators, Board Trustees, and PTO members. One HoLa Trustee is  Peter Biancamano's municipal campaign account Treasurer; the account still carries a balance.

Once again:  Why is Hoboken District Trustee Peter Biancamano orchestrating a live motion which calls to defund his District and benefit the district of his political campaign Treasurer?  

I don't know, do you?

So, what else have we learned since last month's BoE meeting?

(1) That the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Education Law Center (ELC) have entered the appeal as amici curiae on the side of the Hoboken District School Board, have submitted a brief, and will be joining in oral argument before the Court.  GA published the ALCU-ELC amicus brief.

(2) One of America's most respected voices in public education- scholar, historian, author and former Assistant Secretary of Education and Counselor to Secretary of Education in the U.S. Department of Education Diane Ravitch, backs the Hoboken District.  

On February 28, Diane Ravitch 's blog posted a letter by Kids First Founder, Theresa Minutillo:

So... that's a lot of sunlight.  

Sunlight on the scheming machinations of Romano's political faction on the Hoboken school board...

Sunlight on the fiduciary relationship between a District Trustee's political campaign  and an HoLa Trustee which should conflict him from voting on HoLa matters before the board,.. 

Sunlight on powerful allies in civil rights, education law and public education behind the District, supporting the appeal, making arguments which undermine the relentless attacks against the Board members  and actions of the District....

What happened after the sun came out?

Like I said, it seems to have disinfected an auditorium. 


  1. Someone should now go disinfect HoLa.

  2. Was that The World's Cheesiest Smile Contest? Kind of like MutzFest, but singularly nauseating.

    Anyway my money's on Carmelo as he does precious little else aside from posing for selfies.

  3. Interesting now the ACLU and ELC side with the HBoE. Scurries the cucarachas back to their lair. Good riddance.

  4. Not a single Hola administrator or board member showed up to trash the district, to tell us how shitty we are, excoriate the board and to drop the lawsuit. Oh yeah, Patty W. showed up to rant incoherently. Ive no idea what she was going on about, but i'd characterize it as HS bashing, bashing the grant programs plus wharrgarbble about racism. Translator, please!!!

  5. Translation: Throw $ at Patti and she'll yammer on about anything you want. Bonus wharrgarbl when off her meds.

  6. Heard the public school parents let them have it. Disgusted by their sneaky tricks. Video online yet?

    1. What did the Charter School parents/voters say?


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